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Best of The Best – EXIT Realty Pinnacle Group

A pinnacle is the best of the best and this is something Kathy Hobbs, owner of EXIT Realty Pinnacle Group, aspires to daily as she serves her Texas community and real estate team.


“We chose the name to let our clients know we are one big team, experienced, supportive, and, if anyone needs something, we help each other out. We want to be the best of the best,” Kathy said. 


Located 45 miles east of Dallas in the Quinlan community, EXIT Realty Pinnacle Group has 26 Realtors helping make a difference daily.


“I think our community knows what a big heart we have.  Many times, we will be at area events and we are the only real estate brokerage present. I really love this community and I think they know this too,” she said.


EXIT Realty Pinnacle Group is known throughout the community for clever, eye-catching cartoon images says owner Kathy Hobbs.

Confidence In EXIT


As a college junior, Kathy was studying to be a paralegal and got a job as a real estate appraiser leading her to change her major to real estate.  As a real estate appraiser trainee, she really enjoyed taking listing photos and fell in love with real estate. With two young sons, she wanted to raise them in a smaller town and moved to Quinlan earning her real estate license.


Today, she has been in real estate for 25 years. Originally, Kathy wasn’t really looking to start her own office and had worked for Century 21 for eight years. After being “talked into seeing Steve Morris” speak, Kathy says it was a game changer for her.


“Steve was so inspiring, and I liked how everything felt in the room. This is how I ended up buying an EXIT franchise in 2006,” Kathy said. “The reason I keep renewing is because EXIT is my family.  I love working with our corporate leaders and appreciate the support of everyone.”


EXIT also gives Kathy a certain confidence.


“I appreciate the technology and EXIT branding.  I feel so confident everywhere I go because of EXIT.  We have a wow factor and what we do is impressive in my community. I fit right in and love it,” she said.


Kathy also attended the last EXIT Southeast Rally in Florida and thinks training and networking is important.


“The last EXIT Southeast Rally was great.  We had been corporate owned and it was great to get the regional support and expand our family.   Kenny and Stacy are at the top of their game and you can see it.  You really come away from the Rally feeling great, renewed and learn a lot,” Kathy said.


Secret To Her Success


The sky is the limit for success in real estate says Kathy.  No day is ever the same!


“I love being in the field, seeing different homes and helping people through the process of selling or buying in good and bad situations.  You are helping people and many times it is sad and sometimes I cry right along with them,” she said. 


Ultimately, this care and devotion has earned her a ton of referrals, the heart and success of her business.


“The biggest reason I’m successful is I work my referrals.  We treat people the same no matter the price of the listing. They are all important. Because we treat people that way, we earn so many referrals and I’m so thankful.  Having a big heart and treating people well makes a difference,” she says.


Advice For New Realtors


Kathy’s advice for Realtors is to wake up every day like you are unemployed and you have to decide if you are going to work! 


“Everyone is excited in the first six weeks, but you have to stay motivated and work hard.  With EXIT, explore everything we offer.  I educate my agents, sit with them and show them how to use the technology and then get them to practice and use the tools. The EXIT resource center has everything you need from how to do Facebook ads and great training videos to purchasing everything you need for your business,” Kathy said.


Training her agents is also important to their success.  In addition to her one-on-one training, she now has an engagement leader and sales coach.


“Classes, training and coaching are important to agent success. I’ve been the broker, admin, trainer and top producer.  I used to stay at the office until three in the morning, shower and go back to the office.  I’ve been doing this for sixteen years and this help is essential.  Steve (Morris) says you can’t do it all yourself so get help.  That’s what I’m doing,” says Kathy.


Considering A Franchise Opportunity


For anyone considering an EXIT franchise, Kathy says visit an EXIT office. 


“Visiting an EXIT office is a great way to get an idea of the EXIT difference and see the support we all have.  It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen.  I’ve worked for another brand and we have so much more to offer that I’ve never seen anywhere else.  Support is amazing and you can pick up the phone and anyone will help.  You are not alone,” Kathy said. “When I bought a franchise, the training was so helpful.  You have all the information and tools to get started and you walk away like you could conquer the world.”



EXIT’s Unique Sponsoring – Huge Difference


If you aren’t familiar with the sponsoring and residual system of EXIT, click here to learn more. For Kathy Hobbs, the bonus from sponsoring new agents has helped in good times and tough times.


“The unique EXIT residuals income can be used in so many different ways. It can help grow an office.  I’ve used it to hire a Realtor to help train people.  And, in 2008, when things were so bad and I didn’t know how we were going to make it, a $4,000 sponsorship check was how I kept my office going and paid the light bill.  It is a bonus that seems to be there at the right time when you need it.” Kathy explained.


Community Support Is Essential


As Kathy mentioned, supporting her community is something that comes from the heart.


“I think everyone knows I have a giving heart.  We go out and help where we can.  It is a big thing for us to help kids and means a lot for us.  One of our causes is supporting Hunt County Tunes for Tots.  Through a local church, 16,000 toys were made available to families in need and corporate has matched it.  And, we have a drop off at our office too.


Connect With Kathy Hobbs and EXIT Realty Pinnacle Group Today!


Connect with Kathy and her EXIT Realty Pinnacle Group today by visiting Tawakoni Lake Real Estate’s website, Facebook page or email Kathy at



Join A Team Of Unstoppable Professionals

Consistently earning #1 Franchise Sales in North America and honoredrepeatedly for #1 Region for EXITRealty Corp. International, Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Stroblalso broke the all-time corporate record for sales in2019.  The award-winning region was named a 2021 Nashville BusinessJournal Best in Business honoree with Stacy Strobl named 2022 Top Executive,Women of Influence for the Nashville Business Journal, and recently honored NBJTop 50 Fastest Growing Company. Across Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee,and now Texas, EXIT Southeast owners, brokers and agents are respected leadersin the real estate industry. If you are looking to join an award-winning teamof professionals, contact EXIT Southeast Regional Owner Stacy Strobl

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Hard Work Backed By Results – EXIT Broker Donnita Hill

With over four decades of hard work and experience to her name, EXIT Rocky Top Realty Broker Donnita Hill remains motivated.  Based in the Cookeville, Tennessee area, Donnita says one of her favorite quotes is “The only substitute for hard work is a miracle!”

Donnita Hill, Broker, EXIT Realty Rocky Top


The welcoming lobby of Donnita Hill's beautiful office at 818 East 10th Street in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Client Service Heart of Donnita Hill’s Career


“The more I work, the luckier I continue to get. I don’t think it is actually luck; I work hard, back it up with results, and let my clients know I am their voice in getting the best possible results for what they want. First and foremost, I treat all of my clients with the utmost respect and consideration. The joy of accomplishing the heart’s desire of my buyers and sellers is my number one goal,” said Donnita.



Donnita loves a challenge and is always looking for one. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a Minor in Business from Tennessee Technological University. She began her career as an Affiliate Broker for a small, local brokerage and has the utmost respect for Dan Turnbow, the brokerage owner, and will always consider him family.


Donnita chose to join EXIT Realty in 2016, where Tom Parham owns the franchises in her area.  Her operation is located at 818 East 10th Street, Cookeville, Tennessee in a building that she custom built in 2007, where she loves to work and calls it her second home.  This was another challenge during a time where bankers were discouraging the building and opening of new businesses due to the recession.


Over the years of her current real estate career, she understood investing in real estate would provide financial security for many years to come.  She has lived by the truest of words and applies them to both her personal and professional life. “Tough times don’t last but tough people do.  Whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger!”

The exterior of Donnita Hill's Cookeville real estate office.


Connect with Donnita Hill Today


Donnita has consistently earned top Realtor for Upper Cumberland for the past 41 years, for EXIT from 2016-2022 and EXIT Southeast’s #1 Realtor in 2020 and 2021. Connect with her today via cell at 931-261-1500, office at 931-526-4455 and visit her website at

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EXIT Southeast Earns #1 Franchise Sales - Eighth Consecutive Year

For the eighth year in a row, EXIT Southeast Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl, based in Middle Tennessee, have earned 2022 top real estate franchise sales in North America for EXIT Realty Corp. International.

The announcement was made at the recent awards event in Amelia Island, Florida with the five-state region being honored for selling the most franchises. Regional Owners Lynn and Strobl were on hand to accept the honor which Strobl said is a reflection the Southeast region’s strength which encompasses Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas.

 “Earning this award for the eighth year in a row demonstrates how our entire region is growing together while exhibiting incredible professionalism, integrity and unstoppable determination while building a brand and serving our community,” she said.


The duo have previously broken the all-time corporate record for franchise sales in 2019 which Lynn said demonstrates the team’s tenacity and was accomplished by establishing a grassroots approach.


“Year after year, earning this award, which is based on numbers of successful franchise sales, has been achieved with consistency, perseverance and creating a duplicable system for our region,” Lynn said.  “Our owners, brokers and agents tell us often we have the best brand which benefits them the most. Sharing this along with the unique technology and tools makes a difference in their success. Ultimately, we look for individuals who are coachable and provide these resources.”


Lynn said training people on how to sell and market real estate has been key to retention, helping owners and agents attract and grow business while teaching them to invest in themselves and curate good support staff.


“Coaches like Brian Buffini, Michael Burt and long-time EXIT trainer Key Yessaad can make a big difference in how an owner structures their business and creates strategies for success which is why we like to bring in experts of this caliber at our annual training events and conferences,” Lynn said.

The partners launched their business in 2012 as owners of a Tennessee franchise before acquiring Tennessee regional ownership and later adding Kentucky, Georgia, Florida and Texas forming EXIT Southeast


“The trajectory of our success and earning #1 in franchise sales for almost a decade has not been easy. It is challenging finding people with the desire to be in business who are flexible, coachable and dig into the tools, technology and support being offered,” said Strobl. “Ultimately, culture has been a big part of our success.  We care deeply about the people who make up EXIT Southeast and this is the foundation for our passion and success,” Strobl said.

Join A Team of Unstoppable Professionals

Consistently earning #1 Franchise Sales in North America and honored repeatedly for #1 Region for EXIT Realty Corp. International, Regional Owners Lynn and broke the all-time corporate record for sales in 2019.  The award-winning region was named a 2021 Nashville Business Journal Best in Business honoree with Stacy Strobl named 2022 Top Executive, Women of Influence for the Nashville Business Journal, and recently honored NBJ Top 50 Fastest Growing Company. Offering cutting-edge industry opportunities for agents, brokers and franchise owners through technology, training, branding, culture and a unique residual system, visit for more information.

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Secrets to Success – EXIT Southeast National Podcast Interview

The national I AM CEO Podcast interviewed EXIT Southeast Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl on secrets to EXIT Southeast success, their secret sauce, leadership hacks and more.


Passionate about helping franchise owners, brokers and agents grow business and empowering them to own their future, click here to listen to the full podcast and interview with host Gresham Harkless.



EXIT Southeast Regional Owners Interviewed For National Podcast


Work on it, not in it and then duplicate that success says Kenny Lynn.  Once owners step out of their business and work it, they soar, he explains in the podcast.


The duo began by purchasing an EXIT Realty franchise in 2011 in Madison, Tennessee and went on to purchase the subfranchisor rights to the entire state in 2012. Here’s more about this successful journey which now includes a region of Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas!


Here’s more from their interview with host Gresham Harkless.


Passionate about growing businesses and empowering franchise owners and REALTORS® to own their present and future, EXIT Southeast Regional. Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl launched their regional company in 2012 immediately establishing it as one of the fastest growing real estate companies in Tennessee. They acquired the EXIT Realty subfranchisor rights to Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida and Texas and have consistently earned #1 in Franchise Sales, #1 Region in North America, the Superior Growth and Development Award and broke the all-time corporate record for franchises sold in 2019. EXIT Southeast has repeatedly earned the Nashville Business Journal’s Best in Business finalist, Stacy was named a 2022 NBJ Woman of Influence and EXIT Southeast was just awarded Top 50 Fastest Growing Company for 2022 by the Nashville Business Journal.


·   CEO Story: Stacy and Kenny have always been passionate about everything about the home industry whether it's a mortgage, titles, or real estate. They started in

the mortgage industry 13 years ago. They found their lane when they got into the real estate industry and helped grow real estate businesses and realtors.

·   Business Service: Selling franchise opportunities. Train professional realtors.

·   Secret Sauce: Coaching. Putting the right and coachable people in the business.

·   CEO Hack: Establish your own lane and do what you are best at. The system, schedule, and routine-oriented. Support, strategy, and game plan.

·   CEO Nugget: Slow down where you are be present where you are at the moment. Keep in the right lane and keep the right people around you.

·   CEO Defined: It's about the people, setting the culture. Connecting and knowing your people, building relationships. Life changer.



Join A Team Of Unstoppable Professionals

Consistently earning #1 Franchise Sales in North America and honored repeatedly for #1 Region for EXIT Realty Corp. International, Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl also broke the all-time corporate record for sales in 2019.  The award-winning region was named a 2021 Nashville Business Journal Best in Business honoree with Stacy Strobl named 2022 Top Executive, Women of Influence for the Nashville Business Journal, and recently honored NBJ Top 50 Fastest Growing Company. Across Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and now Texas as Regional Directors, EXIT Southeast owners, brokers and agents are respected leaders in the real estate industry. If you are looking to join an award-winning team of professionals, contact EXIT Southeast Regional Owner Stacy Strobl at

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Championing Your Realty Needs - EXIT Realty Champions Difference

 Located in Champions Gate, Florida, near numerous Orlando resort and vacation home communities, EXIT Realty Champions’ owners Steve and Deirdre Humphries have a smart, international perspective when supporting their agents and helping clients buying investment properties, vacation homes and new residences.


Some of the EXIT Realty Champions team met recently at Visions Orlando, the latest premier vacation community being built nearby.



The Humphries are about to celebrate 20 years of marriage and began in real estate over 15 years ago after taking the huge risk and coming to America to start a business. After arriving, they saw the potential of launching a real estate business and accepted the challenge. The duo have now signed two renewals with EXIT Southeast and explained the reasoning; “it was a smart choice to join forces with a great company with a great culture, where they offer the most while taking the least, compared with the competition.”


“If it is not broken, don’t fix it,” says Steve, a native of Plymouth, England. “Like most agents and brokers, we were constantly being courted by others, wining and dining us during the pandemic. EXIT already had all that the other companies were offering and more. One example is our superior, joined up, technology and strategies. Leaving EXIT would also upset our agent base and their sponsorships/residuals would be lost with any move. I strongly believe that loyalty has to work both ways.” Click here to learn more about the EXIT residual program.


For Deirdre, originally from Manhattan, New York, the culture is important.

“I like women in charge. I like the idea behind EXIT, the work ethic and culture. It is more like a family and there are people there to support you. We don’t get that feeling with other companies,” she said.

The Humphries appreciate knowing they have immediate regional support if they need it which is an important part of EXIT culture.


“As EXIT Southeast expands from Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida to Texas, we know Kenny and Stacy are very busy but we can call them anytime. And, they throw a great party! We like them and they are good motivators,” Steve says.


The Humphries have the 2023 Rally on their calendar which will be held in their backyard again.


“Having an army background, leadership and comradery is important to me. At the EXIT Southeast Rally, we will see people we haven’t in a while. It is good to hear other people’s stories, and, every time you find a new challenge, someone else has faced it. It’s great getting that support from other owners and agents,” Steve says. “The Rally is important because agents feel like they are part of something bigger and it lets them see other successful people, make connections and gain referral sources. While our office is a team, we are also part of the bigger EXIT SE and International Teams”


Click here for more information on the EXIT Southeast March 2023 Rally in Orlando.


What’s the EXIT Realty Champions Difference?

With Steve’s 24 years of military service in England as well as serving as Buckingham Palace’s Transport Operations manager, this commitment to service and understanding the importance of support has served their agents and community well. The motto at Buckingham Palace, straight from The Queen was “service before self.” Steve believes that “Example” is the only true form of leadership.

Steve explains, “in the military, we take care of our people regardless of the situation, the many obstacles and competition.”


Deirdre has had that same experience flying with TWA for 26 years.” They know that every agent is different and has different needs, Steve likes to refer to his Army Leadership training where Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was taught. DISC works well up to a point, you can really better help agents achieve more when you understand where they are on the Maslow scale,” Deirdre said.


This untypical background serves their franchise well.

“We have an international background and a very diverse office where multiple languages are spoken helping us serve international clients and people within our community. Ultimately, we care about people and it shows,” Deirdre explains.


Steve said their franchise slogan is “we champion your realty needs,” a clever play on location and their passion for service.


“We champion the customer in getting what they need and are their advocate. You can’t just sell a person a random house. We get to know the person and find out their specific needs,” Steve says.


The couple see their agents mirroring this with their clients too, making sure the right deal is found and understanding this is the foundation for developing long-term relationships.


Advice to New Realtors

It’s important to treat your job as a Realtor as a business says Deirdre.


“Don’t come in and sit with your hand out. Learn the ropes, work the phones, build your sphere of influence. Don’t be shy and don’t be a secret agent. Put something on your car, wear your nametag, talk to people in line at the supermarket,” Deirdre advises. “It’s not as easy as you might think but once you treat it as your own business, there is no limit to success. You have to be an entrepreneur.”


Steve agrees and says you have to work hard, be consistent, and prime the pump. Real Estate is a contact sport and very competitive, meet the challenges head on use the competition to make you stronger.


“When you compare real estate to starting in other businesses, it can be a low entry cost with fast returns. However, it is important to look at it in the long-term and have the mind set and strategy of running your own business. And, with EXIT, there are a lot of tools that go along with it to support you, from technology and branding to training,” Steve explains.


Advice To Potential Franchise Owners

The Humphries consider themselves relationship creators who have seen agents leave and come back again. Now, two of their agents are about to start their own office which is a testament to what the couple is growing within the Davenport, Kissimmee, Clermont, Haines City areas.

Their advice includes to beware of organizations that want to take 6 to 8% off the top before anything happens. Make your franchise selection carefully.


“With starting any franchise, select good people, not just numbers, quality over quantity and watch your budget. I found when we first started EXIT, everyone was trying to sell us something and it’s easy to buy into every shiny thing. Be cautious and understand the tools and support EXIT offers. Also, leverage and meet other franchise owners, brokers and people in the area. EXIT is a dynamic but very supportive community in helping one another we all win,” Steve said. “Most Realtors are salespeople so have faith in your abilities but keep an eye on the bottom line.”


Bright Future For EXIT Realty Champions


The Humphries remain excited about all the challenges the future will bring.


“Our previous experience required both leadership and management skills and also attention- to-detail which is important to our business today. In the end, so much of our success comes down to people skills; listening to find the right people and discovering whether we need to challenge or nurture them for their success as we continue to move ahead and grow,” said Steve.


Connect With EXIT Realty Champions


Click here to connect with Steve Humphries and reach out to Deidre today at You’ll find their website here or follow them on Facebook at EXIT Realty Champions.

Join A Team Of Unstoppable Professionals

Consistently earning #1 Franchise Sales in North America and honored repeatedly for #1 Region for EXITRealty Corp. International, Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl also broke the all-time corporate record for sales in2019.  The award-winning region was named a 2021 Nashville BusinessJournal Best in Business honoree with Stacy Strobl named 2022 Top Executive,Women of Influence for the Nashville Business Journal. Across Florida, Georgia,Kentucky, Tennessee, and now Texas as Regional Directors, EXIT Southeast owners, brokers and agents are respected leaders in the real estate industry.If you are looking to join an award-winning team of professionals, contact EXITSoutheast Regional Owner Stacy Strobl at

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