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EXIT Realty of Lubbock – Going The Extra Mile

Built upon a solid foundation, EXIT Realty of Lubbock owners Russell and Gene McGuire have been very intentional building their EXIT franchise while focusing on going above and beyond as they cultivate customers for life by going the extra mile.

What Makes EXIT Realty of Lubbock Special?

Located in a gorgeous, high-profile building on the west side of Lubbock on Loop 289, today, EXIT Realty of Lubbock has around 135 agents and have come a long way since originally buying their franchise in 2007 during an economic downturn.

“We began our office as an independent and had actually considered a ReMax franchise and decided it wasn’t a good fit.  As we went forward with our independent real estate office, years later we connected with Bob McKinnon, now EXIT Director of Leadership Development, who planted the seed for us.  My dad and I both have accounting degrees and what ultimately sold us was how generous the EXIT system is for the agent.  We realized something great could be made from this opportunity,” Russell said.  “As we began our EXIT franchise in 2007, the real estate market crash happened.  We used this time when the market was slower to learn the EXIT systems, set up our processes and tools and were able to create a good foundation for growth.”

What makes EXIT Realty of Lubbock special is the character of their agents and staff which creates a supportive culture.

“We’re blessed to have good support staff as we began.  We also were trained by Bob McKinnon in our early days giving us a good foundation.  We’ve been intentional about finding the right people and growing slowly.  Our agents have helped us find like-minded people which has helped protect our culture.  Our agents are protective of our franchise and look at the big picture too,” Russell said.

One unique marketing element of the franchise is a digital sign just outside the building’s front door.

“When we moved into our new building in 2016, we installed a digital sign which raised our profile big time.  It rotates listings, profiles agents and award winners.  Each week at our sales meeting, we draw names of those attending to highlight on the board which is also a great encouragement to attend,”  he said.

EXIT Model Seemed Too Good To be True!

When first introduced to the EXIT model which includes training and tools, support, branding, culture and the opportunity for single-level residuals, the McGuires thought it was too good to be true.

“Our EXIT System is unique and offers a financial opportunity you can only find with EXIT.  Agents have a way to create passive income as well as creating ownership in the company.  The residual opportunity definitely helps us with recruiting and our agents serve as mentors helping people they sponsor.  This creates loyalty and people who have been with us for a while as successful agents are also seeing the importance of recruiting,” Russell said.

Residuals are one of the many things which makes EXIT unique McGuire says and support from the top down is important too.

“In addition to the unique financial opportunity agents have in creating passive income, support is important.  We’ve been in the company for awhile and from the top down, Steve (Morris) and Tami (Bonnell) take the time to get to know people.  It’s not unusual to hear from Craig Witt to help us inspire our agents or Annette who helps us welcome new agents with a video.  It’s reassuring to know the quality of leaders we have and how relational everyone is.  They care about our brokers, agents and staff. We are more than just a number,” Russell said. “The EXIT Southeast Rally was very encouraging to us and as good as a full blown convention which meant a lot.  Kenny and Stacy have had so much success in other states, we know they will do really well in Texas.”


Advice for New Realtors

Work hard and use the tools EXIT offers is some of the best advice Russell offers his new agents.  

“Being a Realtor is really hard work.  People think, I’ve got my license now business will just fall into my lap.  We will give you the tools, training and everything you need to be successful but you have to put in the time and have the drive.  The agents who plugin, attend sales meetings and spend the time training are more successful,” he said.

Advice For Anyone Considering A Franchise

We always like to hear from our smart franchise owners on any advice they would give to someone considering a franchise.  Russell says he would immediately point to EXIT if considering a real estate franchise.

“EXIT does what they say they are going to do – they talk the talk and walk the walk.  Starting a franchise is harder than you think and takes more money than you think.  Be diligent, control your expenses and make sure you have enough time to build and nuture your agents.  The resources are there and it’s the benefit of buying a franchise that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Use the system,” Russell said.

Bright Future For EXIT Realty of Lubbock

The leadership of EXIT Realty of Lubbock is a unique father and son duo which Russell said has meant a lot to both of them.

“We started our careers in real estate around the same time and I’ve learned a lot about sales from him.  Today, he acts as a big encourager for our agents offering motivation and inspiration.  We have very different strengths and it has worked out well for us,”  Russell said.

EXIT Realty of Lubbock has also been active supporting the local Habitat for Humanity and has built an entire home with matching funds through the Spirit of EXIT.  In 2020, they raised over $50,000.  

The agents are also very involved in their community, churches and civic organizations says Russell.  “Our culture is our biggest strength and we do have a family atmosphere of agents taking care of one another.  Beyond that, we are a Christian business with agents sharing prayer requests.  We care about people and their lives.”

Connect with EXIT Realty of Lubbock and Russell McGuire at 806-771-3900 or visit their website EXIT Realty of Lubbock.

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EXIT Southeast Acquires Texas Subfranchisor Rights

The subfranchisor rights for EXIT Realty in the state of Texas have been acquired by EXIT Southeast Regional Owners Stacy Strobl and Kenny Lynn according to an announcement by EXIT RealtyCorp. International Co-Chair Tami Bonnell.

EXIT Southeast, comprising Florida,Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and now, Texas, has consistently earned EXIT Realty Corp. International’s Region of the Year and leads franchise sales for the past six years. Texas subfranchisor rights, which excludes El Paso County, a part of New Mexico’s region, is an important addition says Lynn.

“In 2021, when we were appointed Regional Directors, we knew Texas was an important part of the EXIT Southeast success equation as we continue to earn #1 in franchise sales and are considered a top region in the U.S. Over the past twelve months, we’ve been amazed by the talent, ingenuity and determination of the EXIT franchise owners, brokers and agents who do an amazing job serving their clients, expanding their businesses and changing lives,” Lynn said.  


Lynn and Strobl have plans for expansion and growth in Texas considered the largest state by area in the contiguous United States and U.S. News & World Report cites the state as having 150 of the most populous metro areas nationwide said Strobl.


“Texas has an abundance of talented Realtors and brokers and, as the brokerages expand daily throughout the state, we have set our sights on expansion as well. Population and popularity alone don’t make Texas a great fit for EXIT Southeast. Work ethic, intelligence and spirit also make the agents, brokers, owners and future owners a fit with the culture of EXIT Realty with our emphasis and priority on family,” Stacy Strobl said.


EXIT Realty Corp. International has seen an increase across the U.S. and Canada in the number of new markets opened, associates onboarded and transactions closed year-over-year. The new ownership in Texas is just the latest in the company’s aggressive growth plans.

“Stacy and Kenny have grown personally and professionally and have grown each state from a position of strength,” said Bonnell. “Texas has been under their leadership as regional directors for the past few years and has grown with their guidance. We are honored to award the regional rights to such great visionaries.”

Expansion plans are not being limited says Lynn as they make the EXIT opportunity available throughout larger cities and smaller towns.


“The EXIT model is unique offering training, technology, branding, culture, support and the chance to earn single level residuals.Ultimately, we want EXIT signs everywhere. There is opportunity and room for growth as we evaluate smart business owners who are interested in the unique growth model EXIT offers,” Kenny said.


EXIT Realty is a company founded and built on human potential. A full service, forward-thinking, real estate franchisor with offices across NorthAmerica, EXIT has to-date paid out more than a half a billion dollars in single-level residual income to its associates. The Expert Marketing Suite™ including geolocation Smart Sign™ technology gives sellers an edge in a competitive marketplace. A portion of every transaction fee received by EXIT Realty Corp.International is applied to its charitable fund, and to-date, $6.8 million has been allocated to charity. For more information, please visit

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Passion For Service and Sales Associates – EXIT Realty First Choice’s Difference

With a passion for serving their community and their sales associates, EXIT Realty First Choice owners, Honora and Ric Giumenta, say family culture is what makes their office unique and keeps them EXIT proud.

EXIT Realty First Choice owners Ric and Honora Giumenta

EXIT Realty First Choice Difference


Located in Flagler County, Palm Coast, Florida, the Giumentas describe it as one of the best kept secrets in Florida.  When people walk through the door of the office, they feel very welcome with the friendliness from the EXIT Realty First Choice team.


“People tell me when they visit our office, they get a nice feeling and a welcoming vibe,” says Honora.  “Our sales associates are happy because we have a close relationship with them.  They are well-trained and knowledgeable. OtherBrokers constantly try to recruit our sales associates, but our sales associates are happy growing their real estate career with EXIT Realty FirstChoice. This makes a difference in how they interact with their customers and one another. It makes for a very nice work environment,” Honora said.


They want to be the first choice on the customer’s mind when they need a Realtor. “When we first purchased the franchise, no one had heard ofEXIT.  Now, people see the signs everywhere and understand who we are.”Honora said. 


The duo also focus on training their Realtors and in turn theirRealtors are better equipped to service their customers. 


“We provide exceptional service and have the most trained and competent Realtors in the area.  We provide continual training and tools through the Giumenta School of Real Estate. We offer support with personal coaching. We have around 30 sales associates and every day, whomever is around, gathers with us for lunch to catch up with current events about real estate,” Honora said. “We’re very social and this is our second family.”


Ultimately, this culture, from the top down, is what keeps the Giumentas with EXIT and they have now renewed three times since establishing their franchise in 2004.


Why EXIT – Culture and Leadership 


The partners had many years in real estate including Honora working with her parents at their Century 21 office.  As an independent company, they missed the opportunities that a large franchise offers, and research brought them to EXIT Realty.


“Ric had been approached many years earlier, but the time was not right to purchase the franchise. In 2004, we researched numerous franchises, theEXIT culture was the deciding factor.  And, when we went to the first broker-owner meeting, we knew we had made the right decision.  We were so impressed by Tami Bonnell and the leadership. We loved the support and camaraderie. It is just a wonderful company,” Honora said.

An important part of the culture for the Giumentas is corporate and regional support.

“There is no other company with the type of leadership we have with Tami (Bonnell), Stacy (Strobl) and Annette (Anthony).  Any time I make a phone call to anyone on the team or franchise support, they always answer and patiently help us with any questions about the programs they offer.  It gives me the chills to think about that.  Other franchises don’t offer that everyday support. We also appreciate the regional and international events. They do a great job of getting sales associates involved and that means a lot too,” Honora said.


Best Advice for New Realtors


Learn the inventory, learn the land and know what is happening in your market is some of the best advice they have for new sales associates. 


“We tell Realtors, the first thing every morning look at the MLS and know what has sold, expired, is back on the market and or has had a price changes. Use your elevator speech on market statistics when you are out and someone asks you how the market is. Also, learn how to do the many forms we have.  Be prepared before you sit down with a customer and practice! Network with other Realtors because you never know who you’ll be doing a transaction with and attend every class you can,” Ric said.


The Giumentas take this commitment to continuing education very seriously and founded in 1991 the Giumenta School of Real Estate. Both are instructors with unique styles to appeal to a variety of Realtors.


“Ric will teach, train and coach sales associates so they are prepared to implement their skills. I will teach, train and help you do it.  This gives people two different styles from which to choose. Each associate will choose which style works for them,” Honora said. 


Ric is also an instructor for the Florida Realtors and has earned instructor of the year in 2008.  Ric and Honora have both served as state presidents of the Real Business Institute. They have supported women Realtors by starting the Flagler County Chapter of the Women Council of Realtors and are major investors in the Realtor Political Action Committee which supports local, state and national issues impacting the real estate community. Currently, Honora is chair of the Flagler County Association of Realtors (FCAR) PublicPolicy Committee.


Considering An EXIT Franchise


To anyone considering buying an EXIT franchise, do your research, compare to other companies and talk to other Realtors and owners. 


“When Realtors graduate from our school, we tell them to see whatis out there and what everyone is offering. For people thinking about a franchise, talk to other owners to see why they keep renewing,” Honora said.


Another benefit to ownership and being an EXIT Sales Associate is the unique system of offering residuals through sponsorships which the Giumentas use to reinvest in their Florida franchise.



Walk The Walk – Community Service


Parents of four children and six grandchildren, ages one to eleven, the Giumentas still make time to serve their community which they challenge their sales associates to do too. They volunteer with Flagler County EmergencyServices, as well as being involved with the Flagler County Association of Realtors.They have both served as President of FCAR and District Vice President forFlorida Realtors.


Annually, they contribute to a unique charity called the Frank Celico Memorial Foundation.  A good friend’s son passed away ten years ago, while serving as a Sergeant of the Flagler County Sheriff’s office. He over saw the Bicycle Patrol and Bike Safety for kids. In December, Ric, who maintains his beard year-round, is hired as Santa for local events.  The money is donated to the foundation and then used to buy bicycles and safety equipment for children in need.  If you want to hire Ric for an event, contact


You can reach Ric and Honora Giumenta at 386-246-3161 to learn more about Flagler County.  You can also visit their website at or email or


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EXIT Hallway Realty – Key To Your Move

With a driving philosophy based on honesty and integrity, Georgia-based franchise owner Daren Hall, EXIT Hallway Realty, says action over everything backs this up as his smart team of Realtors deliver client centered, personal service backed by a reputable, international company, EXIT. Their motto is “EXIT Hallway Realty is key to your move” and here’s how Daren puts this into action.

Daren Hall, EXIT Hallway Realty, EXIT Southeast

Daren Hall, owner, EXIT Hallway Realty

From R&B/POP To Real Estate

Daren’s first career was in artist management and executive producing in R&B/Pop/Crossover genres with singers, producers and songwriters. His career prompted a move from NYC to Atlanta to work with Jermaine Dupri and Lil Jon at So So Def Recordings while being a real estate investor and helping his clients invest as well.

“The music industry was undergoing a lot of change and technology impacted everything.  As this major shift occurred, I made the decision to transition into real estate earning my license in 2005 and leaving the music industry for good in 2007. And, of course you know what happened in 2008, the bottom fell out,” Daren explains. “It was a mad scramble, but I knew I needed once again to adapt so I focused my efforts on selling property foreclosures.  I remember thinking, I’m going to survive this and when I do, I’m starting my own company!”

Through Daren’s perseverance, in 2014, he started Hallway Realty Partners. The company name plays off his last name and hallways being key to every piece of real estate and Daren being key to leading his own way to success.

Crossroads Led To EXIT

With fifteen agents and counting serving the South Atlanta area, as a long-time real estate professional, Daren wanted to take his business to the next level when the EXIT formula caught his attention.

“Operating an independent brokerage in south of Atlanta. I was at a crossroads looking for an opportunity for expansion and more benefits to offer agents. The idea of purchasing a franchise came as another brand recruited me and pointed out I was doing fine but to make real money, I needed a franchise.  My mind was in the direction of buying a franchise but I needed more to align with this.  My office had a strong sense of family and this is when I got a call from EXIT Southeast,” he explained.

After that first call with Randall Hall, EXIT Southeast’s Vice President of Growth & Development, his follow up call with EXIT Southeast Regional Owners Stacy Strobl and Kenny Lynn led him to researching the brand through his mutual business colleagues, Sharon Henry and Michele Calloway, with whom he served in the same civic organizations. The duo own EXIT Realty Quality Solutions.

“I knew Sharon and Michele’s values and ability to detect BS and they were a good radar for me.  They were very excited to talk about EXIT,” Daren said.

EXIT Franchise Owners, Daren Hall, Sharon Henry, Michele Calloway, EXIT Southeast

Daren's real estate colleagues, Sharon Henry and Michele Calloway, owners of EXIT Realty Quality Solutions, helped encourage Daren to purchase an EXIT franchise.

Have You Ever Attended A Retirement Party For A Realtor?

The game-changing question for Daren was posed by Kenny and Stacy in a follow up meeting asking if he had every attended a Realtor retirement party?

“My answer was not really and they then showed me the residual piece.  There is nothing else in our industry which offers this extra revenue stream for my agents.  If you are a good agent, performing and happy, other agents are going to inquire about the brokerage.  EXIT offers an opportunity to what agents do naturally - sponsor people into EXIT with 10% off top with sponsorship money with retirement and legacy,” Daren said.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of EXIT.

Overall, EXIT lined up with opportunities Daren needed from tools, technology and training to branding and culture with the residual benefits the game-changer for him. Support has also been key.

“Support has meant the world and helped me to not be overwhelmed.  It has helped me be effective and improve constantly. There are so many programs, trainings and mentorship opportunities.  And, the support from Kenny and Stacy is immense.  Whatever problem I face, I can call Stacy or Kenny and get a prompt response and find a solution. You can’t put a price tag on that.  It is so invaluable.  The same thing with EXIT corporate and franchise owner support. It is absolutely best in class,” Daren said.

Daren Hall, Stacy Strobl, EXIT Southeast

Daren Hall with EXIT Southeast Regional Owner Stacy Strobl.

Best Advice for Agents – Be Open To Learning

The one constant in real estate is change and I advise my agents to always be open to learning, says Daren, and to be at the forefront of addressing change whether it is the market, technology or culture change.

“One of the major decisions I’ve made this year in having so many new agents is to enroll in coaching with EXIT Realty Mind Set Trainer and Coach Key Yessaad and Stan Bishop. I’ve always believed that in order to do well in real estate you have to prospect and they are helping my agents learn to prospect in different ways with new techniques and to understand this has to be done on a daily basis,” Daren said.

Daren Hall, EXIT Hallway Realty agents, EXIT Southeast

EXIT Hallway Realty Owner Daren Hall with agents after a training session.

Daren also shared with his agents one of the best real estate books he’s come across in awhile, “Sold: Every Real Estate Agent’s Guide To Building A Profitable Business” by David Green.

“A former agent who I mentor recommended this book and I gave it to all my agents for Christmas. It is a great guide on how to get started and what to do next as an agent.  I wish this had existed when I began,” Daren said.

Be Open-Minded And Work The System – Advice For Potential Franchise Owners

Being open-minded and working hard is a big part of owning a franchise says Daren and one of the huge advantages of owning an EXIT franchise is buying into a system.

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel which is huge.  Go in and implement the system. As an independent owner, you might struggle with previous habits but you’ve bought the machine.  Now implement it and you will be successful because it is a proven system,” Daren said.

Daren Hall, EXIT Hallway Realty, EXIT Southeast

Continuing education for agents, brokers and owners is important says Daren who attended the 2021 EXIT Southeast Rally in Orlando, FL.

Future of EXIT Hallway Realty

A predictably bright future is ahead for EXIT Hallway Realty.  Daren and his agents do a lot individually to give back to their community through civic organizations.  He also sees growing his office and opening another when he hits his benchmark. And, thanks to the residuals he earns, more travel is in his future!

“The residuals mean a lot to me and my agents.  Personally, I love to travel and it is my favorite hobby with residuals funding my travel passion.  Recently I went to Grenada, and, in the future, Portugal, Morocco and possibly Egypt and Ghana are in my plans,” he said.

Connect with Daren Hall and EXIT Hallway Realty today on Facebook at EXIT Hallway Realty, Instagram at exithallwayrealtyatl or 404-201-5918.

Join A Team Of Unstoppable Professionals

Consistently earning #1 Franchise Sales in North America and honored repeatedly for #1 Region for EXIT Realty Corp. International, Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl also broke the all-time corporate record for sales in 2019.  The award-winning region was named a 2021 Nashville Business Journal Best in Business honoree with Stacy Strobl named 2022 Top Executive, Women of Influence for the Nashville Business Journal. Across Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and now Texas as Regional Directors, EXIT Southeast owners, brokers and agents are respected leaders in the real estate industry. If you are looking to join an award-winning team of professionals, contact EXIT Southeast Regional Owner Stacy Strobl at

Kenny Lynn, Stacy Strobl, Steve, Morris, Tami Bonnell, EXIT Southeast

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Where Do You Rank? Latest Real Estate News, EXIT Hallway Realty Profile

This month's newsletter includes the latest EXIT Southeast rankings, updates from regional owners, a profile of EXIT Hallway Realty and real estate news.

Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl share their hopes for 2022, give an update on Stacy and her recent honor as a Nashville Business Journal Woman of Influence and this an inspiring article on Kenny's passion for everyone in EXIT Southeast to be #1Baby!

Our in depth feature with EXIT Hallway Realty Owner, Daren Hall shares smart pro tips for agents and owners and a book he thinks every beginning Realtor should read.

You'll also find a link to EXIT Realty Heartland Owner, Vickie Grimes, feature in The EXIT Achiever as well as great inspo from our corporate leaders.

Click here to read the February newsletter or the image below. '

EXIT Southeast Newsletter, February 2022

Join A Team Of Unstoppable Professionals

Consistently earning #1 Franchise Sales in North America and honored repeatedly for #1 Region for EXIT Realty Corp. International, Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl also broke the all-time corporate record for sales in 2019.  The award-winning region was named a 2021 Nashville Business Journal Best in Business finalist. Across Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and now Texas as Regional Directors, EXIT Southeast owners, brokers and agents are respected leaders in the real estate industry. If you are looking to join an award-winning team of professionals, contact EXIT Southeast Regional Owner Stacy Strobl at

Kenny Lynn, Stacy Strobl, Steve, Morris, Tami Bonnell, EXIT Southeast

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