Activate Your Prey Drive, Achieve Freakish Level of Success – Coach Micheal Burt

When Coach Micheal Burt spoke at the EXIT Southeast Rally about activating your prey drive, he spoke from the experience of someone waking up with anxiety, conquering the feeling, and moving toward a mindset of success.  But how?  

Activate Your Prey Drive 

Daily, Coach Burt says he wakes with anxiety in the morning because he grew up without.  “I have to get myself into a positive state and I refuse to go to the sewer mentality. I like to listen to something to motivate me.  Try positive uplifting music to engage your mind.  Ultimately, go to bed tired. Wake up hungry.  The cycle goes to zero every night and you begin again!”

Confidence is the memory of success.  Success is an internal knowing that you know how to win. “One negative thought can activate fear, worry, anxiety and it produces a stress in the body leading to low or negative performance. I call that the sewer cycle and going to negative town,” Coach Burt explained.

Activating your prey drive is key to staying out of negative town and Coach Burt says the four ways to do this are activating your body, mind, spirit and heart. 

Additional tips to activate your prey drive include:

1.  Activate your prey drive daily – go to bed tired, wake up hungry! 

2.  Be persistent to the drive. The average person buys four to seven homes in a lifetime.  Each satisfied person you help get to another place, in turn, the satisfied person should give you five to seven referrals in a lifetime.  Get the seven deals and the referrals off the original deal.  Engage with people after you put them in a home. 

3.Have intensity with your drive.  Set a target every day. Waking up at zero every day. Break down your goals daily.  Figure out what is a high value of your time to get to your goal.  Intensity is a game. You have a game to play with competitors which makes it fun. It is a necessary part to get where you are going. The ability of getting up and going to get it is the exciting part. 


"Ultimately, follow up seven to 15 times on each lead." says Coach Burt.  “You have to go the distance with potential clients. Persistence is the willing to do things you don’t want to do to have something you want. Passion means to suffer for something to have something else.”


Have you wondered, why someone starts their career on fire and ends up complacent?  It’s because you have to activate your drive every day to reach self-actualization and to reach your goals. Coach Burt explains, “your success is only predicated by what you do.  I prospect every day, follow up every day, even when I don’t feel like it.” 


Our desire to help people has to be greater than our desire to be comfortable, he explains. And, the ultimate reason to activate your prey drive is to help so many other people! 

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A nationally respected coach, he is a former championship women’s basketball coach and author of 17 books. Coach Burt has been a personal coach to some of the top real estate performers in the world! He is the leading authority on activating the prey drive in people with a unique methodology, intense and positive delivery and has a special way at pulling the potential out of people

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