Reviews From Our Family
Culture and career opportunity are why I believes in EXIT 21+ years later. Our competition is all about ego and which team member is doing the best. We’ve created a culture that is good for everyone – agents and clients. In EXIT, a rising tide lifts all boats! Why would anyone get into a profession where you don’t have career, where there is no future or retirement benefits or where you won’t grow by not sharing with other people? There is a reason some people don’t make it in corporate America in the first couple of years. Within EXIT, there is opportunity and support, more than I’ve had at any other time in my life. Working with our founder/chairman Steve Morris and CEO Tami Bonnell is so enriching, They do care about you. Kenny and Stacy are there when you need them but no one is micromanaging and I love that.”
Ranae Stewart
EXIT Realty N.F.I.
“You couldn't pick a better company or better region to join. This is a tried and true formula and you will be a success if you follow the model and follow the leadership. We’ve had an incredible support system from corporate to regional leadership to mentors like Bob McKinnon and Bob Lamb. It is a collaborative effort with an incredible support system and truly is incomparable. We can pick up the phone any time and it starts at the top and it is genuine from Steve, Tami and Erika to Kenny and Stacy. It mirrors the EXIT culture. I’ve been involved with multiple franchise businesses and never seen anything like it – the support is unparallel and it is a life-changer.”
Ed and Janie Andrews
EXIT Real Estate Solutions
In addition to staff support, regional and corporate support have been important to me. EXIT isn’t a company where it trickles down. It is more like a pebble in a pond. Support comes from everywhere and it ripples out. From training and Kenny and Stacy’s support (Regional Owners) to advice from EXIT Realty Director of Brokerage Services Janice Petteway, it’s all important. And, Janice reminds me to get out of my own way. Get out of my head and do what works. Keep doing what you are doing! This support has made a difference.”
Vickie Grimes
EXIT Realty Heartland
Ultimately, the reason we renewed is we like what EXIT offers including the Five Pillars and we appreciate the support we get from corporate and Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl. Everyone is so personable from Steve Morris and Tami Bonnell to Angel Tucker and Annette Anthony. No one seems unreachable or unapproachable. Also, Stacy just calls to check in. These personal relationships mean a lot and they have been very supportive of our charities.”
Debra and Terry Martin-Back
EXIT Realty Producers
“For me, EXIT leadership’s support has been most important. It is the willingness to help and support from Founder/Chairman Steve Morris to Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl which has meant so much. We are one massive EXIT family and here to help each other in any way. It is nice to know, easy or difficult, Stacy and Kenny are available 24/7 to help when needed. Steve founded something very unique 25 years ago and EXIT is a perfect match and really who I am.”
Jesse Vose
EXIT Real Estate Professionals

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