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REvamp Your Real Estate

Unlock the true value of your home by making smart, profit-driven updates.

All homes need updates and repairs before going on the market, but the traditional improvement process is slow, unreliable, and can be risky when a home transaction is on the line. We believe there is a better way to complete pre-listing updates, and we’ve proven it! Now you can experience a simple, streamlined home improvement solution that eliminates the stress of getting homes market-ready.

The Revamp Process

Getting listings market-ready is a hassle. We make it simple.

Step 1 Tell us about the work needed.

Just like any home improvement project, it all starts with a free estimate. Tell us the condition of your home and your selling timeline and we will get to work on a plan to maximize home value.

Step 2 We'll provide you with the best options.

You will be presented with the best pre-sale home improvement options that are focused on reducing days on market and earning top dollar.

Step 3 Sign Now, Pay When You Sell

We’ll do a virtual walkthrough to finalize project details. From there, you'll sign a simple contract for the scope, with zero payment due ’til closing.

Step 4 Work Gets Completed at the Property

You’ll be assigned an experienced Project Managers who will be your point of contact throughout the entire project. You'll get access to the Curbio Project Dashboard to schedule meetings, track progress, review photo & video updates, and select materials from any device.

Step 5 We'll provide you with the best options.

Once your house sells, Curbio is paid for the work at the closing table with no interest charges, fees, loans, or liens.

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The Revamp Difference

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Revamp your property and realize its full potential.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know this is a deeply important topic. Let's address some common questions.

What projects can I use Revamp for?

If the home is being sold and is represented by a real estate agent, Revamp will tackle any work necessary to get the home sold faster and for more, with no minimums or maximums tied to our pay-at-closing model.

What happens if the house doesn't sell?

Revamp waits to get paid for the work for one year from project start. In the unlikely event that the home stays listed for more than a year, the homeowners can either pay Revamp for the amount due or pay a small, monthly admin fee to extend the payment deadline.

How does 'pay when you sell' work?

100% of all project costs is deferred until the home sells with no upfront deposits, progress payments, fees, interest charges, or credit checks. Revamp is paid at the closing table!

Are there any fees, interest charges, income requirements, credit checks, or project minimums in order to use Revamp?

No. There are no additional fees, interest charges, income requirements, or credit checks, and we require no money until the home sells. We aren't paid until closing. And, no project minimums means we work on any size project!

Who are Revamp staff involved in a project?

Your agents and homeowners will work with a Home Improvement Consultant (HIC) and a Project Manager. Together with your agent and owners, the HIC determines the scope of work, provides an estimate, and outlines project pricing. Once the project begins, the Project Manager becomes the on-site contact. Revamp project managers are all full-time employees who live and work in your city.

Can sellers be involved in the process?

Yes, homeowners and agents can be as 'hands-on' or 'hands-off' as they would like throughout the entire process from determining the scope to selecting materials and finishes!

Is there a project minimum or maximum?

No, there are no project minimums or maximums! You can use Curbio for small items like minor handyman repairs to whole-home remodels.

How does Revamp make money?

Revamp makes money just like a traditional general contractor. Revamp gets paid solely for the work they complete, at the price agreed upon before the project kicks off, with no additional charges or hidden fees.

What materials does Revamp use?

Revamp uses high-quality materials that today’s home buyers love, and therefore get houses sold quickly and for more. Revamp has an expert team of design professionals that continually curate a catalogue of the most popular and current home improvement materials. The catalogue has sets of materials to meet the needs of homes with varying price-points and regional design trends.

How does Revamp source and vet subcontractors?

Revamp only works with licensed and insured contractors and tradespeople. Our Project Managers are full-time, W2 employees and our contractors and tradespeople are heavily vetted and trained by Revamp for professionalism and quality.

Still have questions?

Get in touch with us, and we'll help you revamp your understanding of our service.

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