How To Ask For The Business – Key Yessaad EXIT Southeast Rally Speaker

As real estate advisers, we are people who help people Key Yessaad shared as EXIT Southeast Rally keynote speaker, and to bring home the business, you have to ask for it.

A popular Real Estate Mind-Set Trainer, Prospecting Coach, Mentor, Listings' Strategist and creator of the #KeyWorkshops Success Strategies, Key has been a trainer and business coach for the past two decades focusing on empowering agents to develop the skills and habits of getting listings, time blocking, sales conversion, building confidence, internet marketing, handling objections, scripts, lead generation, closing and listings success.  He brought this expertise to his keynote session at the 2023 EXIT Southeast Rally 2.0.  Here’s an overview of the event in case you missed it.  

Asking for the business is critical he shared but how does this approach translate IRL?  Key shared his method of developing a script which can help you build confidence by being prepared with your research and then, most importantly, ask for the business. Don’t do it aggressively but always with a smile and find a non-salesy way of doing it, he advises.

As you develop this script do it with a prospecting mindset.  Also, develop affirmations to help you build this confidence.

“I choose to go through the nos to get the yeses.  The fear of no keeps people from attracting the yeses.  We aren’t in the business of getting people to sell.  We’re here to help people through the process.  Toughen up and accept the nos and move on! Focus on getting two appointments a week,” Key said.

He shared several script demonstrations with volunteers from the EXIT Southeast Rally crowd showcasing his method of interacting with potential clients in a casual and friendly way. Dig into Key’s method on his blog here!


The National Association of Realtors (NAR) says 65 to 70% of agents who show up get the listings, Key shared. “Develop a script that works for you and start prospecting.  It’s a numbers game, and, If you do 100 asks a week, you’ll get two appointments which is over 100 appointments a year and over 20 deals a year,” he said.


Key pointed out the skill in getting a listing is the same as sponsoring with EXIT. You just have to ask them.  Here’s more on the unique EXIT residual and sponsoring process. 


To help overcome the fear of rejection, Key shared these important tips: 


-Have a positive mindset and reframe your thinking.  Rejection is not failure but an opportunity to learn and improve.  


-Understand and practice self-compassion.  Don’t beat yourself up and treat yourself with kindness and understanding. 


-Set realistic, measurable goals – achievable in small increments. 


-Take time to prepare and rehearse your scripts.  Rehearing and being prepared is what makes someone successful. 


-Look for feedback and learn from it. 


-Finally, take action.  Thinking positively, act with courage and keep a growth mindset. 


Research, be prepared, wear your name badge, smile – you got this!   Connect with Key today for more inspiration and pro tips here.

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