EXIT Southeast 2.0 Rally - Epic Results

As we reflect on our epic EXIT Southeast Rally 2.0 at Universal Studios in Orlando, we want to first say a BIG thanks to our sponsors including Platinum Sponsors: Fairway Mortgage, The Home Loan Expert, Pillar to Post, Wise Agent, Croft and Frost, Something Inked, Homebot, Real Grader.  Thanks also to Gold Sponsors: 360 Business Growth/Cutco, Prism Digital, Utility Connect, America Preferred Home Warranty, RSP, Commission Before Closing, Home Warranty INC, CrediLife, Pivo Real Estate, Home Actions, Lenders Title, Utility Concierge. Our appreciation also to our Teal Sponsors: CE Shop,  Outsuite, Jetstream, Bader Marketing, Flawless Bar, Skyways, Text N Touch, Wireless Sourcing, Knowledge DNA, Formations, Coastal Wealth, VHT, Oakley Signs, Choice Home Warranty, Hello Leverage, Farmers Insurance, OnJax, Sign Shine, Kathy's Creations, Resort Vacation Certificates, Deposit Link, Brick Oven Boxes, Well Planned, Arrow Exterminators, LetzChat, Two Men & Truck, Curbio.   Check out these amazing companies who demonstrated their commitment to supporting top training for EXIT Southeast and have offered so many amazing opportunities for us.  We appreciate them!


We’ll dig deeper into the amazing content presented over the next few months. You’ll want to be sure you stop by our Facebook page here and see photo albums from each day!  (Click the three dots on the right of the pic to download the photos for your own use!)  

Our favorite emcee, Annette Anthony, kicked us off with style and tons of 80s fun which we had all week! A beautiful National Anthem was presented by Daley Savage, EXIT Realty Bluegrass Broker/Owner Jackie Denton’s daughter. We started with Tech Day and the trio of EXIT Realty pros John Packes, Lori Muller and Annette Anthony inspired, educated and challenged us all!  Have you been intrigued by AI?  Real estate expert, speaker and trainer Marki Lemons Ryhal unpacked the technology saying “technology will never replace a real estate agent.  But, an agent using technology will replace an agent without it.”  She gave great tips on weaving this technology into your daily business and we’ll share more later. The day ended with Cocktails & Dreams at an exclusive Broker/Owner Reception hosted by The Home Loan Expert!  Here’s the link to the day one


Let’s Get Physical totally happened on Tuesday! EXIT Mind-Set Trainer Key Yessaad showed us exactly how to implement the “Business of Our Business Is Asking For Business.”  With infectious energy, Key gave great demonstrations of how to develop a sales script and what it could look like IRL. Ultimately, Key advised “don’t do it aggressively but always with a smile.  We aren’t sales people but real estate advisers and we are people who help people.”  He finished by outlining Stacy and Kenny’s words of the year, PLAN and CONNECT and how this will continue the momentum of being #1Baby! 



Coach Michael Burt knows how to flip everyone’s switch!  Confidence is the memory of success, he explained in his session.  “Success is an internal knowing that you know how to win.  One negative thought can activate fear, worry, anxiety and it produces a stress in the body leading to low or negative performance. I call that the sewer cycle and going to negative town,” Coach Burt explained. Activating your prey drive is key to staying out of negative town and Coach Burt says the four ways to do so are activating your body, mind, spirit and heart.  Stay tuned as we share more later. 


We might have been getting physical on Tuesday but the day ended with grace and manners thanks to social skills strategist, Patricia Rossi, known nationally for her work with professional athletes and teams.  She explored determining your influence factor. And, after digging into the science and patterns of human behavior, Patricia demonstrated how this can help you communicate and connect more effectively when you show honor and respect with the person you are communicating with.  “Be brief, be brilliant, be gone!”  Connect here with Patricia. 



On our final, jammed packed day, we celebrated “This Is Our Time!”   Unleashing the power within was explored with Tony Robbins Corporate Trainer, National Speaker and Peak Performance Strategist Bill Storm.  He helped us analyze what is preventing a person in achieving goals. “No matter where you are in life, the past doesn’t have to equal the future unless you choose to live there. Change it by changing what goes into your mind.  Say yes, to your success,” Bill advised.  "People will do more to avoid pain than do something about life. When you get in enough pain, you’ll do something about it.  He explained, where attention goes, energy flows and results always show. Want to do better in business, put attention and energy there.  Want better health, put attention and energy there. Want better relationships, put attention and energy there,” he said.  Stay tuned for more on Bill’s talk and connect with him here.


Prior to Kenny and Stacy taking the stage for our EXIT Southeast all-star awards, Director of Brokerage Development for EXIT Realty Corp. International Janice Petteway challenged us to take it up a notch!  How can you take your business up a notch?  Janice outlined the power of single level residuals. She has earned over $1.3 million dollars in residuals and used the money to build wealth in real estate that is now valued at four times!!  Here's more on the EXIT Realty difference!


We’re always very emotional when the EXIT Southeast awards take place.  We honor the hard-working men and women of EXIT Southeast who show up daily, help others and make a difference.  We salute each of you and be sure you check out the awards album here! 


We headed back to the 80s for an epic wrap up party, We Built This City, hosted by “Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers” aka Stacy and Kenny with our huge thanks to sponsor Fairway Mortgage!  Check out the amazing costumes here!   


More is ahead for EXIT Southeast and we want the momentum of the Rally to continue on!  Follow along for the latest via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!  

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Consistently earning #1 Franchise Sales in North America and honoredrepeatedly for #1 Region for EXITRealty Corp. International, Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Stroblalso broke the all-time corporate record for sales in2019.  The award-winning region was named a 2021 Nashville BusinessJournal Best in Business honoree with Stacy Strobl named 2022 Top Executive,Women of Influence for the Nashville Business Journal, and recently honored NBJTop 50 Fastest Growing Company. Across Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee,and now Texas, EXIT Southeast owners, brokers and agents are respected leadersin the real estate industry. If you are looking to join an award-winning teamof professionals, contact EXIT Southeast Regional Owner Stacy Strobl atinfo@EXITSoutheast.com.


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