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EXIT Realty Blues City – Agent Focused

The foundation of EXIT Realty is focusing on the human potential and for EXIT Realty Blues City Broker/Owner Eddie Aeschliman what makes his five-city West Tennessee operation special is focusing on agent success.

Eddie Aeschliman, EXIT Realty Blues City, EXIT Southeast

EXIT Realty Blues City Owner Eddie Eddie Aeschliman with EXIT Southeast and EXIT Realty Corp. International leadership.

Agent Focused – EXIT Realty Blues City

With offices in Jackson, Collierville, Atoka, Paris and Milan, EXIT Realty Blues City offers coverage from the Tennessee River to the Mississippi River and Eddie also has his license in Mississippi with several agents there. Based out of Collierville, his commitment to his agents is reflected in the franchise vision statement.

“It’s clear in our vision statement that we focus on the individual agent to ensure they are successful, profitable and happy, not only in business, but in their personal lives,” says Eddie.  “We work closely with our agents in training and I remind them often to treat your first 25 clients right and they will keep you in business with referrals and repeat business the rest of your career.”

An EXIT person through and through, Eddie has been with the company for eighteen years and has had his license with EXIT for his entire career.

After studying at Union University in Jackson, Eddie earned his license and began selling real estate and sponsoring agents. (Pay attention to that part and will reveal more in the story!)

“I tried to get my broker at the time to open a Memphis office and she encouraged me to buy one.  Honestly, I complained to my wife about that and she just ignored me!  At Christmas in 2014, my mom, Bonnie Aeshliman, had sold her business and was going to retire. She suggested I take my future inheritance to get started, predicting I’d waste it anyway!”

Aeschliman did take the investment but with the caveat his mom move local, get her license and help him launch the business.  Eddie taught her lead generation and they actually took Bonnie’s commissions to open more locations as she helped him run the business.

“I’ve only been with EXIT my entire career and I love the message of being in the business of helping grow agents so they can sustain themselves, have a career, make a living, invest in real estate and grow long-term income,” he shared.

Eddie Aeschliman, wife Renee, and daughter Elliana, EXIT Southeast

Eddie Aeschliman, wife Renee, and daughter Elliana

Eddie Aeschliman and mom, Bonnie Aeschliman, EXIT Southeast

Eddie Aeschliman and mom, Bonnie Aeschliman

Best Advice For Agents

Eddie considers it a mission in helping agents and has established the Blues City Real Estate School. The son of a preacher with family expectations that he follow suit, Eddie candidly shares he didn’t feel good enough but considers helping agents grow a future and have financial freedom his mission.

His Blues City Real Estate School works with potential Realtors to help get them up and running with the goal to be producing $7 million in sales within a couple of years – depending if the agent is full-time or part-time.  And, he has a lot of success stories.

“Tamara Harrald, based out of our Atoka office, joined in 2016 and quickly, double, then tripled sales, and, in 2021, her gross sales were $13 million. Sommer Crosby, based out of Jackson, is another great example.  Her first year was 2020 and she did $1.7 million in product and the second year $7.6 million.  We are coaching them up and getting the agents to produce,” he said.

Eddie says the key to his success is doing everything in the EXIT plan from training, technology and branding to office culture. “My biggest advice to new agents Is to find a great coach and mentor who is invested in you beyond what you bring to the office.  Find someone who’ll share the hard lessons and the helpful lessons at the same time. This is a long-term commitment,” Eddie said.

Advice for Potential Franchise Owners

Eddie feels strongly there is no better real estate brokerage than EXIT.

“It starts with the support from the top with (Founder) Steve Morris, his admin staff to (Regional Owners) Kenny and Stacy as well as your fellow brokers.  This support for a franchise owner is huge.  If I need to bounce off an idea, I can call for advice and be told that is a great idea or that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Support is so important,” he said.

Regional support and events have also meant a lot to the franchise owner.

“Kenny and Stacy provide us with a lot of events with the recent Rally being a great example.  They stepped up. It was a big expense and a big pay-off for us from networking and learning how to grow business to making connections with other agents for future referrals,” Eddie said.

Eddie Aeschliman, Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl, EXIT Southeast

EXIT’s Unique Residuals Help Grow Business

Residuals, earned from sponsoring other agents, have been an important part of Eddie’s business. Click here for more information on how this works.

“I have one person I sponsored in 2006 and have received $120,000 from that one sponsorship. It is exponential based on how many people you sponsor.  The single-level residuals, unique for EXIT as a brokerage, have helped support our brokerage and is a great incentive for agents who produce. It is something they can’t find anywhere else,” Eddie explained.

EXIT Realty Blues City Future

The future is clear for EXIT Realty Blues City from giving back to the community to growing more offices.=

With around 90 agents and counting, you’ll find their agents helping out in the community in a variety of ways, and, at Christmas, the brokerage lent their support to the Jackson-based Regional Inter-Faith Association (RIFA) food bank and thrift store.

Eddie’s long-term marketing plan is to bring EXIT to smaller towns which need a smart brokerage like EXIT. “We bring the tools and the technology to help these agents grow and serve their community.  My goal is to bring a franchise to every county seat town in West Tennessee as we build our brand,” Eddie said.

Connect with EXIT Realty Blues City and Eddie Aeschliman today at

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Where Do You Rank?! Latest Real Estate News, EXIT Realty Blues City Profile

The January newsletter for EXIT Southeast shares an impressive list of the latest rankings, great food for thought from our corporate leaders as well as an inspiring profile of EXIT Realty Blues City with broker/owner Eddie Aeschilman sharing great tips for agents and potential franchise owners.  You’ll also find the 2022 list of EXIT Southeast Premier Sponsors. We honored by these talented companies supporting us and you. Take a look and give them your full consideration!

Click this link or the photo below!

EXIT Southeast Newslette,r, January 2022, EXIT Southeast

Join A Team Of Unstoppable Professionals

Consistently earning #1 Franchise Sales in North America and honored repeatedly for #1 Region for EXIT Realty Corp. International, Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl also broke the all-time corporate record for sales in 2019.  The award-winning region was named a 2021 Nashville Business Journal Best in Business finalist. Across Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and now Texas as Regional Directors, EXIT Southeast owners, brokers and agents are respected leaders in the real estate industry. If you are looking to join an award-winning team of professionals, contact EXIT Southeast Regional Owner Stacy Strobl at

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Your Realtors For Life – EXIT Realty Green Team Profile

With a driving goal of being “Your Realtors For Life,” George and Julie Green take this seriously and are committed to the Louisville/Bullitt County, KY area clients as they rebrand their EXIT franchise in 2022 as EXIT Realty Green & Associates.

George and Julie Green, EXIT Realty Green & Associates, EXIT Southeast

George and Julie Green, EXIT Realty Green & Associates.

Becoming Your Realtors For Life

In 2015, a chance meeting during a real estate transaction with EXIT Realty Crutcher owner, Cindy Crutcher, brought George, a third generation Realtor, the EXIT opportunity. And, as Julie says, chance and faith too.

“While talking with Cindy, she realized I could bring something to her business as a managing broker and she brought something to me I didn’t realize I needed, the structure, technology and EXIT’s family culture,” George said.

As high school sweethearts, George began his real estate career early in his marriage with Julie, working first with Coldwell-Banker and then as an independent broker. Fast-forward to 2016 and Julie joined George in developing EXIT Realty  Green Team under the Crutcher umbrella and began implementing their own philosophies.

How exactly do the Greens lead their team in becoming your Realtors for life? Their mission is to walk with and inspire every person they meet to reach their real estate goals – one sale, one build and one home at a time.

“We put a lot of energy into establishing relationships that are more than a real estate transaction. We follow the Buffini System, one of the largest international trainers in the world,” Julie said.

The duo does not believe in or teach transactional real estate but rather relationship marketing to the extreme says George.  “We focus on people and not the work.  This is how we’ve grown and what makes our franchise unique and special to our clients. For example, in 2020, I sold a home to the first client I represented in 2005 and I got that original lead off a door hanger!”

It was because of their philosophies and business model that they had still remained in contact with that client 16 years later.

Check out their video on being Realtors for life!

EXIT Realty Green Team, EXIT Southeast Rally

EXIT Realty Green Team attended the October EXIT Southeast epic Rally in Orlando, FL.

Why All In For EXIT Matters In Success

Six years later after beginning with EXIT, the Greens have an all-in attitude and expect it of their agents.

“It isn’t about numbers. It is about commitment.  There is value to the corporate structure EXIT offers and you aren’t a small floating piece but part of something bigger.  When EXIT offers opportunities, like convention or the EXIT Southeast Rally, it’s not enough to have 25% going.  We actually had 100% because we know what happens when you go, buy in and participate,” said George. “ You develop relationships and connections which are inspiring and motivating. One or two pieces of information or a connection is so important,” George said.

The duo also gained a lot from Key Yassaad. “He was so motivating and helped us create a clear vision for what we want in 2022,” George said.

Another element important to the Greens are the EXIT Southeast vendors who Julie says ultimately save them research, time, money, and in a sense do the heavy leg work for them in deciding on which programs to implement into their business next.

EXIT Support

Support is definitely key to agents, brokers and owners with COVID making things more difficult. However, George says regional owner and corporate support has meant a great deal.

“I was around for Kenny and Stacy’s acquisition of Kentucky. What they’ve done with Cannonball Run, regional awards and the Rally has meant so much. Kenny and Stacy have asked me what I need to grow, supported us and they always respond quickly,” George said.  Julie added the virtual support makes it feel like a family reunion when you finally see someone at an event.

Corporate support has also been essential.  When you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room George says. “When I’m around corporate leadership, their support is contagious.  They have the same vision and mentality about brokers and agents as we do about our clients.  Relationships come first and business will follow.”

Having inspiring people back you along the way helps the Greens believe they can do it!  “They inspire us to do bigger and better things, support us along the way and point out free resources or offer to help,” Julie said.

Residuals – Cherry On The Sundae

The Greens didn’t come to EXIT for residuals and consider it the cherry on the sundae or the icing on the cake!

“For ourselves and our agents, in the future, we are using residuals to invest in our business, real estate and do something fun,” George said.

Here’s more on the EXIT unique residual system.

Advice To Realtors And Potential Franchise Owners

Be in the business of selling homes not houses and create relationships without chasing the sale is some advice for Realtors from the Greens.

“We’ve definitely talked clients out of buying the wrong home. I’ve been in the business around 16 years and there are things as home experts we know to look for.  If we let someone buy the wrong house, we will never see that person again,”  George said.

For anyone considering a franchise, what are you waiting for asks Julie?  “Fear holds us back from big dreams in life. Don’t let fear hold you back from something that could be so wonderful. If it is in your heart, God placed it there for a reason.”  Julie said.  “I had no idea EXIT gives so much support and resources to their franchises. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with EXIT and you can hit the ground running with a great support team.”

Community Outreach

Giving back and supporting their community is important.  The Greens are members of three chambers, active in their church, host client appreciation events as well as support community activities with various members of their team taking the lead. They are also "Homes for Heroes" affiliates. The program was brought to their attention through national director, Abby Waltz, who is also the wife of Craig Witt, CEO of EXIT Realty Corp. International.

“Abby knew our hearts for wanting to give back so the program was a great fit for us. In a little less than 4 years, we have been blessed to work with 158 heroes and counting while giving back almost $300,000,” said Julie.  Ultimately, their first goal is to give back $1 million through the program!

Community Outreach, EXIT Realty Green Team, EXIT Southeast

Bright Future

The Greens look forward to growing and diversifying their franchise to include more services for their clients which will be with the rebranding that comes in 2022 as EXIT Realty Green & Associates. Ultimately, it’s a family culture which they value.

“We are a great example of a husband and wife duo launching a franchise together.  We stay in our lanes and definitely play to our strengths.  We are looking forward to helping more agents find this same kind of satisfaction and growth in the new year and to giving back even more to our community,” Julie said.

Connect with George and Julie Green today at 502-439-7596 or Check out their website and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Join A Team Of Unstoppable Professionals

Consistently earning #1 Franchise Sales and honored repeatedly as #1 Region in North America for EXIT Realty Corp. International, connect with EXIT Southeast today for real estate opportunities in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and now Texas where Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl serve as Regional Owners. Contact us today at

Kenny Lynn, Stacy Strobl, Steve, Morris, Tami Bonnell, EXIT Southeast

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Where Do You Rank?! Latest Real Estate News, EXIT Realty Green & Associates Profile

The latest EXIT Southeast newsletter includes an incredible list of rankings, news and an inspiring profile of EXIT Realty Green & Associates.   Find out owners George and Julie Green's  secrets to their success.

Also be sure you check out several columns we share this month from our corporate leaders for insight and inspiration.

Click here to read the full newsletter or the photo below.

EXIT Southeast Newsletter, December 2021

Join A Team Of Unstoppable Professionals

EXIT Southeast daily strives to provide the 5 Pillars for our owners, brokers and agents which is one of the reasons while we have consistently earned #1 Region and #1 in Franchise sales for EXIT Realty Corp. International. EXIT Southeast will be hosting an epic Rally for agents, brokers and owners in Orlando. Florida, October 20-22 providing on site coaching, training, mentoring and networking. Click here for more information. Connect with EXIT Southeast today for real estate opportunities in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and now Texas where Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl serve as Regional Owners. Contact us today at

Kenny Lynn, Stacy Strobl, Steve, Morris, Tami Bonnell, EXIT Southeast

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Next Level Goals - EXIT Team Realty

When you ask EXIT Team Realty owner Angela Powell, why EXIT and the origin of her franchise name, she immediately points out the people behind the brand, past, present and future, with the common goal of reaching the next level!

Bob and Angela Powell, EXIT Team Realty, EXIT Southeast


Based in Hinesville, Georgia, Angela has been licensed since 1993 beginning her career with Coldwell-Banker and shared the work environment was very competitive with no one sharing information and caring if you got to the next level. Working together for the past 25 years with her partner and husband, Bob, he began looking for a new opportunity and a video with Steve Morris originally caught their attention. (Here’s more from Steve on the EXIT Realty Corp. International’s  recent 25th anniversary. )

Angela’s first convention in 2004 was a game-changer for them.  “Everyone was willing to help and I have never felt more like a family – ever – in business. That was the year Bob and I knew we were in the right company and knew Steve cared personally about us.  It still means something today!”

The name EXIT Team Realty is significant to the duo because they are a team and it is not about the I.  “We all work together and work toward the end result of being successful.  Bob and I are pouring the best of ourselves into others to help them on their journey and to succeed,” Angela said.

[caption id="attachment_4725" align="aligncenter" width="600"]

Angela Powell, EXIT Team Realty, EXIT Southeast

EXIT Team Realty Owner Angela Powell says EXIT conventions, broker/owner training and the annual EXIT Southeast events are always important times of growth and development.[/caption]

Support Has Been Key

A big part of the EXIT culture is support and Angela and Bob say this has been key to growing their agents, franchise and themselves.

“We’ve been part of the EXIT family since 2003 and support has been so important,”  Bob said. “(Regional Owners) Kenny and Stacy have been incredibly supportive, giving us things we need, and corporate has too.”

All we have to do is hit a chat button on the website, email, text or Facebook message and within seconds there’s an answer says Angela.  “I have never seen such a supportive staff like EXIT. When they say they are there, they really are.  And, nothing has wavered over the years. It has always been consistent,” she said.

EXIT Realty Corp. International Co-Chair Tami Bonnell has been Angela’s anchor. “She has so much faith in me and just knowing that, I can’t fail.  I could go down the line of leadership and share something special about each person because they won’t let me fail and are 100% invested in me.  It is more than nice talk. They motivate me on a bad day and help me work through any issues.  They are family, every single one of them,” Angela said.

This support has been essential as she has battled cancer twice and the last time impacting her mouth and affecting her speech.

“I had been reflecting should I get out of real estate.  I work every day to overcome this issue and handicap.  It is difficult but I am still getting the job done.  I’m showing people, if I can do it you can do it.  My family supports me and pushes me and Stacy knows I am not giving up,” she shares.

That support also extends between different franchise owners and it has been important to the Powells. “Everyone truly wants to help one another.  If someone calls me, I’m glad to share. I’ve been in a workplace where no one wanted to help.  With EXIT, everyone does,” Angela said.

EXIT Team Realty, Angela Powell, EXIT Southeast annual event

New Agent Advice – Believe in Yourself, Keep Training

Rome wasn’t built in a day, says Angela. “The first thing I tell a new agent is to relax because you can’t get it all done in one day.  It is a process and you have to believe in yourself because if you don’t, it is not going to happen.  Training is also very important,” she said.

“If I’m not training, I can’t expect my agents to.  Once you stop, your business stops. There is no lack of training in any of our offices.  I also encourage my agents to go beyond what we provide,” Angela said.

Bob says comprehensive training has been important.

“From one-on-one to the EXIT training system, we offer a lot to make sure our agents are well trained.  We also have our own learning management system, offer training on how to do videos, good business practices and networking courses.”

EXIT Team Realty also does a lot personally from goal setting.

“Our agents are family. We don’t want to just know business goals but as a complete person. There is a wheel of life for every aspect of your being – finance, business, family, spiritual and health.  Our agents are family. We don’t want to just know business goals but as a complete person.  When you share your health or spiritual goals and receive support, it helps you achieve them,” Bob said.

Angela and Bob Powell, EXIT Team Realty, EXIT Southeast

Advice to Potential Franchise Owners

“Bob and I say go for it.  The EXIT family and system is there to help you,”  Angela explains.  “There is no way you can fail if you follow everything the EXIT System and The Five Pillars road map.  You will succeed!”

Secret To Success

Angela said she is grateful every day she wakes up alive!  “The secret to our success is we don’t give up!  Each day, I can’t wait to learn something new and make it better than yesterday.  I thrive off of this and we love real estate,” she said.

Community Outreach and Future Of EXIT Team Realty

Giving back to their community is important for EXIT Team Realty.  “We like to support anything in our community from helping the homeless and a community shoe drive to supporting our area animal rescue and Cancer Society." Angela said.

The Powells see a very bright future ahead for EXIT Team Realty as they expand into the Atlanta area.

“I see our future every day! We continue to grow and expand locally.  I see us building Atlanta bigger and better and more offices down South.  Our goal and dream is to expand.  It is something new every day working with our agents and helping them achieve their dreams,”  Angela said.

Connect with Bob and Angela Powell and EXIT Team Realty today at 912-408-8000.  The go-to team for real estate news and information, check out EXIT Team Realty’s informative blog here.

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EXIT Team Realty Blog, EXIT Southeast

Visit EXIT Team Realty's informative blog for great real estate tips![/caption]

Join A Team Of Unstoppable Professionals

Consistently earning #1 Franchise Sales and honored repeatedly as #1 Region in North America for EXIT Realty Corp. International, connect with EXIT Southeast today for real estate opportunities in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and now Texas where Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl serve as Regional Owners. Contact us today at

Kenny Lynn, Stacy Strobl, Steve, Morris, Tami Bonnell, EXIT Southeast

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