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A pinnacle is the best of the best and this is something Kathy Hobbs, owner of EXIT Realty Pinnacle Group, aspires to daily as she serves her Texas community and real estate team.


“We chose the name to let our clients know we are one big team, experienced, supportive, and, if anyone needs something, we help each other out. We want to be the best of the best,” Kathy said. 


Located 45 miles east of Dallas in the Quinlan community, EXIT Realty Pinnacle Group has 26 Realtors helping make a difference daily.


“I think our community knows what a big heart we have.  Many times, we will be at area events and we are the only real estate brokerage present. I really love this community and I think they know this too,” she said.


EXIT Realty Pinnacle Group is known throughout the community for clever, eye-catching cartoon images says owner Kathy Hobbs.

Confidence In EXIT


As a college junior, Kathy was studying to be a paralegal and got a job as a real estate appraiser leading her to change her major to real estate.  As a real estate appraiser trainee, she really enjoyed taking listing photos and fell in love with real estate. With two young sons, she wanted to raise them in a smaller town and moved to Quinlan earning her real estate license.


Today, she has been in real estate for 25 years. Originally, Kathy wasn’t really looking to start her own office and had worked for Century 21 for eight years. After being “talked into seeing Steve Morris” speak, Kathy says it was a game changer for her.


“Steve was so inspiring, and I liked how everything felt in the room. This is how I ended up buying an EXIT franchise in 2006,” Kathy said. “The reason I keep renewing is because EXIT is my family.  I love working with our corporate leaders and appreciate the support of everyone.”


EXIT also gives Kathy a certain confidence.


“I appreciate the technology and EXIT branding.  I feel so confident everywhere I go because of EXIT.  We have a wow factor and what we do is impressive in my community. I fit right in and love it,” she said.


Kathy also attended the last EXIT Southeast Rally in Florida and thinks training and networking is important.


“The last EXIT Southeast Rally was great.  We had been corporate owned and it was great to get the regional support and expand our family.   Kenny and Stacy are at the top of their game and you can see it.  You really come away from the Rally feeling great, renewed and learn a lot,” Kathy said.


Secret To Her Success


The sky is the limit for success in real estate says Kathy.  No day is ever the same!


“I love being in the field, seeing different homes and helping people through the process of selling or buying in good and bad situations.  You are helping people and many times it is sad and sometimes I cry right along with them,” she said. 


Ultimately, this care and devotion has earned her a ton of referrals, the heart and success of her business.


“The biggest reason I’m successful is I work my referrals.  We treat people the same no matter the price of the listing. They are all important. Because we treat people that way, we earn so many referrals and I’m so thankful.  Having a big heart and treating people well makes a difference,” she says.


Advice For New Realtors


Kathy’s advice for Realtors is to wake up every day like you are unemployed and you have to decide if you are going to work! 


“Everyone is excited in the first six weeks, but you have to stay motivated and work hard.  With EXIT, explore everything we offer.  I educate my agents, sit with them and show them how to use the technology and then get them to practice and use the tools. The EXIT resource center has everything you need from how to do Facebook ads and great training videos to purchasing everything you need for your business,” Kathy said.


Training her agents is also important to their success.  In addition to her one-on-one training, she now has an engagement leader and sales coach.


“Classes, training and coaching are important to agent success. I’ve been the broker, admin, trainer and top producer.  I used to stay at the office until three in the morning, shower and go back to the office.  I’ve been doing this for sixteen years and this help is essential.  Steve (Morris) says you can’t do it all yourself so get help.  That’s what I’m doing,” says Kathy.


Considering A Franchise Opportunity


For anyone considering an EXIT franchise, Kathy says visit an EXIT office. 


“Visiting an EXIT office is a great way to get an idea of the EXIT difference and see the support we all have.  It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen.  I’ve worked for another brand and we have so much more to offer that I’ve never seen anywhere else.  Support is amazing and you can pick up the phone and anyone will help.  You are not alone,” Kathy said. “When I bought a franchise, the training was so helpful.  You have all the information and tools to get started and you walk away like you could conquer the world.”



EXIT’s Unique Sponsoring – Huge Difference


If you aren’t familiar with the sponsoring and residual system of EXIT, click here to learn more. For Kathy Hobbs, the bonus from sponsoring new agents has helped in good times and tough times.


“The unique EXIT residuals income can be used in so many different ways. It can help grow an office.  I’ve used it to hire a Realtor to help train people.  And, in 2008, when things were so bad and I didn’t know how we were going to make it, a $4,000 sponsorship check was how I kept my office going and paid the light bill.  It is a bonus that seems to be there at the right time when you need it.” Kathy explained.


Community Support Is Essential


As Kathy mentioned, supporting her community is something that comes from the heart.


“I think everyone knows I have a giving heart.  We go out and help where we can.  It is a big thing for us to help kids and means a lot for us.  One of our causes is supporting Hunt County Tunes for Tots.  Through a local church, 16,000 toys were made available to families in need and corporate has matched it.  And, we have a drop off at our office too.


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