EXIT Realty of Lubbock – Going The Extra Mile

Built upon a solid foundation, EXIT Realty of Lubbock owners Russell and Gene McGuire have been very intentional building their EXIT franchise while focusing on going above and beyond as they cultivate customers for life by going the extra mile.

What Makes EXIT Realty of Lubbock Special?

Located in a gorgeous, high-profile building on the west side of Lubbock on Loop 289, today, EXIT Realty of Lubbock has around 135 agents and have come a long way since originally buying their franchise in 2007 during an economic downturn.

“We began our office as an independent and had actually considered a ReMax franchise and decided it wasn’t a good fit.  As we went forward with our independent real estate office, years later we connected with Bob McKinnon, now EXIT Director of Leadership Development, who planted the seed for us.  My dad and I both have accounting degrees and what ultimately sold us was how generous the EXIT system is for the agent.  We realized something great could be made from this opportunity,” Russell said.  “As we began our EXIT franchise in 2007, the real estate market crash happened.  We used this time when the market was slower to learn the EXIT systems, set up our processes and tools and were able to create a good foundation for growth.”

What makes EXIT Realty of Lubbock special is the character of their agents and staff which creates a supportive culture.

“We’re blessed to have good support staff as we began.  We also were trained by Bob McKinnon in our early days giving us a good foundation.  We’ve been intentional about finding the right people and growing slowly.  Our agents have helped us find like-minded people which has helped protect our culture.  Our agents are protective of our franchise and look at the big picture too,” Russell said.

One unique marketing element of the franchise is a digital sign just outside the building’s front door.

“When we moved into our new building in 2016, we installed a digital sign which raised our profile big time.  It rotates listings, profiles agents and award winners.  Each week at our sales meeting, we draw names of those attending to highlight on the board which is also a great encouragement to attend,”  he said.

EXIT Model Seemed Too Good To be True!

When first introduced to the EXIT model which includes training and tools, support, branding, culture and the opportunity for single-level residuals, the McGuires thought it was too good to be true.

“Our EXIT System is unique and offers a financial opportunity you can only find with EXIT.  Agents have a way to create passive income as well as creating ownership in the company.  The residual opportunity definitely helps us with recruiting and our agents serve as mentors helping people they sponsor.  This creates loyalty and people who have been with us for a while as successful agents are also seeing the importance of recruiting,” Russell said.

Residuals are one of the many things which makes EXIT unique McGuire says and support from the top down is important too.

“In addition to the unique financial opportunity agents have in creating passive income, support is important.  We’ve been in the company for awhile and from the top down, Steve (Morris) and Tami (Bonnell) take the time to get to know people.  It’s not unusual to hear from Craig Witt to help us inspire our agents or Annette who helps us welcome new agents with a video.  It’s reassuring to know the quality of leaders we have and how relational everyone is.  They care about our brokers, agents and staff. We are more than just a number,” Russell said. “The EXIT Southeast Rally was very encouraging to us and as good as a full blown convention which meant a lot.  Kenny and Stacy have had so much success in other states, we know they will do really well in Texas.”


Advice for New Realtors

Work hard and use the tools EXIT offers is some of the best advice Russell offers his new agents.  

“Being a Realtor is really hard work.  People think, I’ve got my license now business will just fall into my lap.  We will give you the tools, training and everything you need to be successful but you have to put in the time and have the drive.  The agents who plugin, attend sales meetings and spend the time training are more successful,” he said.

Advice For Anyone Considering A Franchise

We always like to hear from our smart franchise owners on any advice they would give to someone considering a franchise.  Russell says he would immediately point to EXIT if considering a real estate franchise.

“EXIT does what they say they are going to do – they talk the talk and walk the walk.  Starting a franchise is harder than you think and takes more money than you think.  Be diligent, control your expenses and make sure you have enough time to build and nurture your agents.  The resources are there and it’s the benefit of buying a franchise that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Use the system,” Russell said.

Bright Future For EXIT Realty of Lubbock

The leadership of EXIT Realty of Lubbock is a unique father and son duo which Russell said has meant a lot to both of them.

“We started our careers in real estate around the same time and I’ve learned a lot about sales from him.  Today, he acts as a big encourager for our agents offering motivation and inspiration.  We have very different strengths and it has worked out well for us,”  Russell said.

EXIT Realty of Lubbock has also been active supporting the local Habitat for Humanity and has built an entire home with matching funds through the Spirit of EXIT.  In 2020, they raised over $50,000.  

The agents are also very involved in their community, churches and civic organizations says Russell.  “Our culture is our biggest strength and we do have a family atmosphere of agents taking care of one another.  Beyond that, we are a Christian business with agents sharing prayer requests.  We care about people and their lives.”

Connect with EXIT Realty of Lubbock and Russell McGuire at 806-771-3900 or visit their website EXIT Realty of Lubbock.

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