EXIT Realty McCauley – Personal Touch Is The Difference

With a family-owned business taking pride in their name and service, EXIT Realty McCauley owner, Larry McCauley says the personal touch makes a difference in how he serves clients in Lebanon and the Marion County Kentucky area. 



Real Estate School Led to EXIT Franchise – Personal Touch – The Difference


A long-time businessman, Larry previously owned a successful food vending company he sold to a competitor and began looking for his next venture.  


“I had bought and sold a lot of properties in my lifetime and I woke up one morning and told my wife, Martha, I want to sell real estate.  I found GC Real Estate School and Vickie Grimes, founder of the school and owner/broker of EXIT Realty Heartland. It jump started my career,” Larry said.  “I originally started with another company in South Central Kentucky before following up with Vickie who helped me connect with Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl and begin EXIT Realty McCauley in Lebanon. Vickie still serves as my broker today, five years later.”  


When he started real estate school, Vickie says she could tell after two weeks because he understood business and was good with people. 


“I could tell from the get-go he didn’t need to work for anyone else. Larry has a mind for business, personality to work well with people and the heart of an EXITeer. I knew owning a franchise would be the right choice,” she says. 


Today, Larry says the personal touch makes all the difference in his business. 


“With Martha by my side, serving as admin, I think the personal touch makes a difference.  We try to treat everyone as a relative and I train my agents to do the same.  It’s worked out well for us,” Larry said.  


The parents of three, busy children, Martha worked with Larry in their prior business but is not there every day in the real estate office “so she doesn’t threaten to kill me,” he says with a laugh. 


Advice To New Realtors 


Don’t sell a house or property just for the commission, says Larry, do it to help the buyer or the seller.  


“This is when the personal touch is important. If you sell just for the money, you won’t be successful. Look out for the best interest of your buyers or sellers,” Larry says. 


With over a dozen agents today, Larry says supporting the agents is important. 


“We help them learn the process of being a good agent and are there to support them and answer question.  The EXIT training and technology helps an agent starting fresh to understand there is someone who has been there before you and can help you,”  Larry said. 


Training and technology are part of the five pillars of EXIT which also includes financial freedom through residuals.  Larry said the residuals helps agents.  “They get very excited about that check.  They realize we aren’t just taking from them but giving back.”  


Larry uses the residuals to invest in his business and brand awareness including billboard, radio and newspaper advertising. 

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Advice To Anyone Considering A Franchise – Culture of Support 


“Owning a franchise is a smart move and I know some of the new EXIT franchise owners in the area and have worked with them on several deals,” says Larry. “When I started, I didn’t really have a lot of other owners to talk with.  Kenny and Stacy have done a great job in building the name and the brand in Kentucky which helps us out tremendously and gives us name recognition across the state.”


Regional and corporate support have been important to Larry as a franchise owner. 


“Anytime I have a problem, I can call Stacy and Kenny and they are very supportive.  The same goes with our corporate leaders.  They are quick to respond and that’s why we are sticking with the EXIT family and will soon be renewing,” he said.


Community Support


Giving back to his community is important to Larry and his EXIT Realty McCauley office.  


“We do a lot of youth sports sponsorships including baseball, basketball and soccer.  I think it all starts with the kids.  Take care of them first or you have no future,”  he said. 


Future of EXIT Realty McCauley 


If there’s one slogan that describes EXIT Realty McCauley, Larry says it is they are the “I’m Sold” company.” It’s not sell time here, but it is sold time, he explains.  And, that’s exactly what they do for their clients! 


Connect with EXIT Realty McCauley


Connect with Larry and his team today via email larry@exitrealtymccauley.com or 270-692-8800. 

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