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With a driving philosophy based on honesty and integrity, Georgia-based franchise owner Daren Hall, EXIT Hallway Realty, says action over everything backs this up as his smart team of Realtors deliver client centered, personal service backed by a reputable, international company, EXIT. Their motto is “EXIT Hallway Realty is key to your move” and here’s how Daren puts this into action.

Daren Hall, EXIT Hallway Realty, EXIT Southeast

Daren Hall, owner, EXIT Hallway Realty

From R&B/POP To Real Estate

Daren’s first career was in artist management and executive producing in R&B/Pop/Crossover genres with singers, producers and songwriters. His career prompted a move from NYC to Atlanta to work with Jermaine Dupri and Lil Jon at So So Def Recordings while being a real estate investor and helping his clients invest as well.

“The music industry was undergoing a lot of change and technology impacted everything.  As this major shift occurred, I made the decision to transition into real estate earning my license in 2005 and leaving the music industry for good in 2007. And, of course you know what happened in 2008, the bottom fell out,” Daren explains. “It was a mad scramble, but I knew I needed once again to adapt so I focused my efforts on selling property foreclosures.  I remember thinking, I’m going to survive this and when I do, I’m starting my own company!”

Through Daren’s perseverance, in 2014, he started Hallway Realty Partners. The company name plays off his last name and hallways being key to every piece of real estate and Daren being key to leading his own way to success.

Crossroads Led To EXIT

With fifteen agents and counting serving the South Atlanta area, as a long-time real estate professional, Daren wanted to take his business to the next level when the EXIT formula caught his attention.

“Operating an independent brokerage in south of Atlanta. I was at a crossroads looking for an opportunity for expansion and more benefits to offer agents. The idea of purchasing a franchise came as another brand recruited me and pointed out I was doing fine but to make real money, I needed a franchise.  My mind was in the direction of buying a franchise but I needed more to align with this.  My office had a strong sense of family and this is when I got a call from EXIT Southeast,” he explained.

After that first call with Randall Hall, EXIT Southeast’s Vice President of Growth & Development, his follow up call with EXIT Southeast Regional Owners Stacy Strobl and Kenny Lynn led him to researching the brand through his mutual business colleagues, Sharon Henry and Michele Calloway, with whom he served in the same civic organizations. The duo own EXIT Realty Quality Solutions.

“I knew Sharon and Michele’s values and ability to detect BS and they were a good radar for me.  They were very excited to talk about EXIT,” Daren said.

EXIT Franchise Owners, Daren Hall, Sharon Henry, Michele Calloway, EXIT Southeast

Daren's real estate colleagues, Sharon Henry and Michele Calloway, owners of EXIT Realty Quality Solutions, helped encourage Daren to purchase an EXIT franchise.

Have You Ever Attended A Retirement Party For A Realtor?

The game-changing question for Daren was posed by Kenny and Stacy in a follow up meeting asking if he had every attended a Realtor retirement party?

“My answer was not really and they then showed me the residual piece.  There is nothing else in our industry which offers this extra revenue stream for my agents.  If you are a good agent, performing and happy, other agents are going to inquire about the brokerage.  EXIT offers an opportunity to what agents do naturally - sponsor people into EXIT with 10% off top with sponsorship money with retirement and legacy,” Daren said.

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Overall, EXIT lined up with opportunities Daren needed from tools, technology and training to branding and culture with the residual benefits the game-changer for him. Support has also been key.

“Support has meant the world and helped me to not be overwhelmed.  It has helped me be effective and improve constantly. There are so many programs, trainings and mentorship opportunities.  And, the support from Kenny and Stacy is immense.  Whatever problem I face, I can call Stacy or Kenny and get a prompt response and find a solution. You can’t put a price tag on that.  It is so invaluable.  The same thing with EXIT corporate and franchise owner support. It is absolutely best in class,” Daren said.

Daren Hall, Stacy Strobl, EXIT Southeast

Daren Hall with EXIT Southeast Regional Owner Stacy Strobl.

Best Advice for Agents – Be Open To Learning

The one constant in real estate is change and I advise my agents to always be open to learning, says Daren, and to be at the forefront of addressing change whether it is the market, technology or culture change.

“One of the major decisions I’ve made this year in having so many new agents is to enroll in coaching with EXIT Realty Mind Set Trainer and Coach Key Yessaad and Stan Bishop. I’ve always believed that in order to do well in real estate you have to prospect and they are helping my agents learn to prospect in different ways with new techniques and to understand this has to be done on a daily basis,” Daren said.

Daren Hall, EXIT Hallway Realty agents, EXIT Southeast

EXIT Hallway Realty Owner Daren Hall with agents after a training session.

Daren also shared with his agents one of the best real estate books he’s come across in awhile, “Sold: Every Real Estate Agent’s Guide To Building A Profitable Business” by David Green.

“A former agent who I mentor recommended this book and I gave it to all my agents for Christmas. It is a great guide on how to get started and what to do next as an agent.  I wish this had existed when I began,” Daren said.

Be Open-Minded And Work The System – Advice For Potential Franchise Owners

Being open-minded and working hard is a big part of owning a franchise says Daren and one of the huge advantages of owning an EXIT franchise is buying into a system.

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel which is huge.  Go in and implement the system. As an independent owner, you might struggle with previous habits but you’ve bought the machine.  Now implement it and you will be successful because it is a proven system,” Daren said.

Daren Hall, EXIT Hallway Realty, EXIT Southeast

Continuing education for agents, brokers and owners is important says Daren who attended the 2021 EXIT Southeast Rally in Orlando, FL.

Future of EXIT Hallway Realty

A predictably bright future is ahead for EXIT Hallway Realty.  Daren and his agents do a lot individually to give back to their community through civic organizations.  He also sees growing his office and opening another when he hits his benchmark. And, thanks to the residuals he earns, more travel is in his future!

“The residuals mean a lot to me and my agents.  Personally, I love to travel and it is my favorite hobby with residuals funding my travel passion.  Recently I went to Grenada, and, in the future, Portugal, Morocco and possibly Egypt and Ghana are in my plans,” he said.

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Join A Team Of Unstoppable Professionals

Consistently earning #1 Franchise Sales in North America and honored repeatedly for #1 Region for EXIT Realty Corp. International, Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl also broke the all-time corporate record for sales in 2019.  The award-winning region was named a 2021 Nashville Business Journal Best in Business honoree with Stacy Strobl named 2022 Top Executive, Women of Influence for the Nashville Business Journal. Across Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and now Texas as Regional Directors, EXIT Southeast owners, brokers and agents are respected leaders in the real estate industry. If you are looking to join an award-winning team of professionals, contact EXIT Southeast Regional Owner Stacy Strobl at info@EXITSoutheast.com.

Kenny Lynn, Stacy Strobl, Steve, Morris, Tami Bonnell, EXIT Southeast

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