Championing Your Realty Needs - EXIT Realty Champions Difference

 Located in Champions Gate, Florida, near numerous Orlando resort and vacation home communities, EXIT Realty Champions’ owners Steve and Deirdre Humphries have a smart, international perspective when supporting their agents and helping clients buying investment properties, vacation homes and new residences.


Some of the EXIT Realty Champions team met recently at Visions Orlando, the latest premier vacation community being built nearby.



The Humphries are about to celebrate 20 years of marriage and began in real estate over 15 years ago after taking the huge risk and coming to America to start a business. After arriving, they saw the potential of launching a real estate business and accepted the challenge. The duo have now signed two renewals with EXIT Southeast and explained the reasoning; “it was a smart choice to join forces with a great company with a great culture, where they offer the most while taking the least, compared with the competition.”


“If it is not broken, don’t fix it,” says Steve, a native of Plymouth, England. “Like most agents and brokers, we were constantly being courted by others, wining and dining us during the pandemic. EXIT already had all that the other companies were offering and more. One example is our superior, joined up, technology and strategies. Leaving EXIT would also upset our agent base and their sponsorships/residuals would be lost with any move. I strongly believe that loyalty has to work both ways.” Click here to learn more about the EXIT residual program.


For Deirdre, originally from Manhattan, New York, the culture is important.

“I like women in charge. I like the idea behind EXIT, the work ethic and culture. It is more like a family and there are people there to support you. We don’t get that feeling with other companies,” she said.

The Humphries appreciate knowing they have immediate regional support if they need it which is an important part of EXIT culture.


“As EXIT Southeast expands from Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida to Texas, we know Kenny and Stacy are very busy but we can call them anytime. And, they throw a great party! We like them and they are good motivators,” Steve says.


The Humphries have the 2023 Rally on their calendar which will be held in their backyard again.


“Having an army background, leadership and comradery is important to me. At the EXIT Southeast Rally, we will see people we haven’t in a while. It is good to hear other people’s stories, and, every time you find a new challenge, someone else has faced it. It’s great getting that support from other owners and agents,” Steve says. “The Rally is important because agents feel like they are part of something bigger and it lets them see other successful people, make connections and gain referral sources. While our office is a team, we are also part of the bigger EXIT SE and International Teams”


Click here for more information on the EXIT Southeast March 2023 Rally in Orlando.


What’s the EXIT Realty Champions Difference?

With Steve’s 24 years of military service in England as well as serving as Buckingham Palace’s Transport Operations manager, this commitment to service and understanding the importance of support has served their agents and community well. The motto at Buckingham Palace, straight from The Queen was “service before self.” Steve believes that “Example” is the only true form of leadership.

Steve explains, “in the military, we take care of our people regardless of the situation, the many obstacles and competition.”


Deirdre has had that same experience flying with TWA for 26 years.” They know that every agent is different and has different needs, Steve likes to refer to his Army Leadership training where Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was taught. DISC works well up to a point, you can really better help agents achieve more when you understand where they are on the Maslow scale,” Deirdre said.


This untypical background serves their franchise well.

“We have an international background and a very diverse office where multiple languages are spoken helping us serve international clients and people within our community. Ultimately, we care about people and it shows,” Deirdre explains.


Steve said their franchise slogan is “we champion your realty needs,” a clever play on location and their passion for service.


“We champion the customer in getting what they need and are their advocate. You can’t just sell a person a random house. We get to know the person and find out their specific needs,” Steve says.


The couple see their agents mirroring this with their clients too, making sure the right deal is found and understanding this is the foundation for developing long-term relationships.


Advice to New Realtors

It’s important to treat your job as a Realtor as a business says Deirdre.


“Don’t come in and sit with your hand out. Learn the ropes, work the phones, build your sphere of influence. Don’t be shy and don’t be a secret agent. Put something on your car, wear your nametag, talk to people in line at the supermarket,” Deirdre advises. “It’s not as easy as you might think but once you treat it as your own business, there is no limit to success. You have to be an entrepreneur.”


Steve agrees and says you have to work hard, be consistent, and prime the pump. Real Estate is a contact sport and very competitive, meet the challenges head on use the competition to make you stronger.


“When you compare real estate to starting in other businesses, it can be a low entry cost with fast returns. However, it is important to look at it in the long-term and have the mind set and strategy of running your own business. And, with EXIT, there are a lot of tools that go along with it to support you, from technology and branding to training,” Steve explains.


Advice To Potential Franchise Owners

The Humphries consider themselves relationship creators who have seen agents leave and come back again. Now, two of their agents are about to start their own office which is a testament to what the couple is growing within the Davenport, Kissimmee, Clermont, Haines City areas.

Their advice includes to beware of organizations that want to take 6 to 8% off the top before anything happens. Make your franchise selection carefully.


“With starting any franchise, select good people, not just numbers, quality over quantity and watch your budget. I found when we first started EXIT, everyone was trying to sell us something and it’s easy to buy into every shiny thing. Be cautious and understand the tools and support EXIT offers. Also, leverage and meet other franchise owners, brokers and people in the area. EXIT is a dynamic but very supportive community in helping one another we all win,” Steve said. “Most Realtors are salespeople so have faith in your abilities but keep an eye on the bottom line.”


Bright Future For EXIT Realty Champions


The Humphries remain excited about all the challenges the future will bring.


“Our previous experience required both leadership and management skills and also attention- to-detail which is important to our business today. In the end, so much of our success comes down to people skills; listening to find the right people and discovering whether we need to challenge or nurture them for their success as we continue to move ahead and grow,” said Steve.


Connect With EXIT Realty Champions


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