Reviews From Our Family
“Reflecting on the 25th anniversary of EXIT, we’re celebrating with a real sense of pride. Through all of the up and down markets, many have gone away. This anniversary really speaks well of the upper management and leadership who have been there for years, sticking with it and doing well. Steve Morris’s passion in the early days continues and you can’t help but share his passion and I see this passion in EXIT Southeast Regional Owners Kenny Lynn and Stacy Strobl. They have brought so much energy and excitement to the region. Their vision and drive are contagious for brokers and agent alike.”
Jim Wade
EXIT Realty Leaders
“A big part of the EXIT culture is support which has been key to growing agents, franchise and ourselves. We’ve been part of the EXIT family since 2003 and support has been so important. (Regional Owners) Kenny and Stacy have been incredibly supportive, giving us things we need, and corporate has too. All we have to do is hit a chat button on the website, email, text or Facebook message and within seconds there’s an answer. I have never seen such a supportive staff like EXIT. When they say they are there, they really are. And, nothing has wavered over the years. It has always been consistent.”
Angela and Bob Powell
EXIT Team Realty
“Support is definitely key to agents, brokers and owners with COVID making things more difficult. Regional owner and corporate support has meant a great deal. “I was around for the transition of Kentucky to Kenny and Stacy. What they’ve done with Cannonball Run, regional awards and the Rally has meant so much. Kenny and Stacy have asked me what I need to grow, supported us and they respond quickly,” George said. Partner and wife Julie Green added the virtual support makes it feel like a family reunion when you finally see someone.
George and Julie Green
EXIT Realty Green & Associates
“There is no better real estate brokerage than EXIT. It starts with the support from the top with (Founder) Steve Morris, his admin staff to (Regional Owners) Kenny and Stacy as well as your fellow brokers. This support for a franchise owner is huge. If I need to bounce off an idea, I can call for advice and be told that is a great idea or that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Support is so important,” he said. Regional support and events have also meant a lot to the franchise owner. “Kenny and Stacy provide us with a lot of events with the recent Rally being a great example. They stepped up. It was a big expense and a big pay-off for us from networking and learning how to grow business to making connections with other agents for future referrals.”
Eddie Aeschliman
EXIT Realty Blues City
“I have the perspective of being with EXIT as an agent. Left for a period of time and returned to eventually become a franchise owner. I know with one phone call or live chat, I can get an answer within a few minutes. With all these people, no matter where they are from California to Tennessee, we are one huge family. Our referral network is huge for people coming in to the area or leaving. I can connect with people all over. Conventions, you meet all of these people. You experience this rapport and then can interact with them on social media. Steve Morris’ vision for the company for the infectious. EXIT cares about the whole person. You aren’t just a number and they care about what happens to you in all aspects of your life – health, well-being. They provide all these resources for their owners, brokers and agents – they give you all the tools you need to succeed. You just have to use them! All the information is available at your fingertips.”
Diane Farr
EXIT Realty of the Smokies

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